10 Things That Don't Matter Once You're In College

10 Things That Don't Matter Once You're In College

They may have mattered in high school, but not now.

A lot of things matter in college: getting passing grades, being healthy, trying new things, and more. But, there are quite a few things that just don't matter. Qualities that may have been important in high school really do not matter in college; it's a completely different world in college. This list should give you an insight of how truly different college is and how you can make a great lasting impact on people you may meet.

1. How Little Sleep You Got

“I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.” “Really? You’re lucky! I only got 2 hours because I had a test this morning!” Everyone does it, admit it. People compete for who has the least amount of sleep; it’s like a competition. Everyone is struggling to get assignments done on time unless you get everything completed right away. It’s healthy to try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night, but things come up and students get sleep deprived, especially during finals week. The truth is, nobody cares how little sleep you got, we’re all still going to be tired during the day.

2. Your Major

Everyone is at college for a reason; to get a degree. But, going around bragging how difficult your degree is will not gain you many friends. Everyone has a major for a reason; it’s what interests them and what they want to pursue a career in. DO NOT talk poorly about anyone else’s major because it may require fewer credit hours and may have a lower starting salary after graduation; if it would not have a chance of success, it would not be a major.

3. If You Played Sports In High School

News flash: nobody cares if you were on the varsity football team or went to state for track in high school. If you compete at the collegiate level, that’s awesome! But, high school sports mean nothing in college. It will always be a part of who you are and was such a big part of your life, but once you graduate high school, those glory years are gone. You can always be proud of your past, but being a varsity athlete in high school means little to nothing in college unless you plan on competing at the collegiate level.

4. How Much Your Clothes Cost

Everyone is on a different budget. Name brands will always be name brands, but a $10 pair of sandals do just as well as a $100 pair of sandals. Some students cannot afford as much as others. There is NOTHING wrong with shopping at Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, or Marshalls. Some of the best deals come from those stores. Why spend money on clothes when you can save money on clothes and put that money toward tuition or classes or gas? The price tag does not define an individual’s worth.

5. How Much You Drink

Most college students are under the age of 21 anyway, so drinking is not typically seen as a priority. Students that go around bragging how much they drank the past weekend or how they blacked out will not gain a lot of praise from others. College is a place to gain new skills and earn a degree; you will be able to drink as much as you want after graduation. Drinking a lot does not make you any cooler than if you do not. People have opinions on drinking, of course, but bragging about getting drunk does not earn you props.

6. How Many Friends You Have

Quality over quantity. College is not a popularity game like high school might have been. Personally, I’d rather have one or two incredibly close friends then twenty ‘friends’ who I can’t really count on. It is great to have acquaintances and peers; it helps with networking and opportunities in the community and on campus, but having fewer friends does not lessen your worth.

7. How Many Coffees You've Had

We all live for caffeine, or some way to make us stay awake. Walking into class saying, “Oh man, I’ve already had three coffees today and have to be on campus until seven tonight,” will not gain you any sympathy. Again, we are all on tight and busy schedules, nobody cares how much money you spend on an overpriced latte per day. Information like this is good to keep to yourself.

8. What Your 'Count' Is

You know what I mean by ‘count.’ The number of people you have had sex with is NOT a number to go around blurting out loud. Keep it private. Having sex with a lot of people is not an admirable trait. But, having a count of zero, one, or two does not make you a prude. Everyone has their preferences and opinions on this topic, as well. But, in college, your count does not necessarily define you as a person. College is a time to shape and grow into the person you want to be, not the person you used to be.

9. If You're Involved With Greek Life

Whether you have letters to represent or not does not make you worth more or less on a campus. A sorority or fraternity is a great way to become more involved on campus and make an impact on the community, but it is not for everyone. Most people prefer not to join Greek life, it’s a fact. There are numerous ways to grow as an individual and it does not have to be through joining a Greek organization, it is just an option. Looking down on others because they either are or are not in a Greek organization is not okay. Everyone has their preferences, do not bash them or judge them.

10. If You Were Popular In High School

College is not a popularity game. If you were popular in high school, it does not matter at a university. You may have been the most well-known person as your high school; in college, you are thrown into a pool of people who were in the same boat as you. We are all at college to earn a degree and better ourselves; popularity does not mean a single thing. Having connections through networking is great, however, it does not make you ‘popular.’ So, get that stereotypical image out of your head because we are not in high school anymore.

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No, UCF, You Are Not 'National Champions,'

An undefeated season, Peach Bowl champions and a self-proclaimed title, they believe they are the kings of college football.

The college football world crowned a new National Champion Jan. 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. The Alabama Crimson Tide were the kings of Division I again after beating the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 in an overtime thriller, capturing their 17th title in school history.

However, despite not being in the playoffs, one team has declared themselves the 2017 National Champions.

The University of Central Florida finished the season 13-0, the only undefeated team in the country. Despite being unbeaten, the Knights missed out on the playoffs and instead got a bid to play in the Peach Bowl. Their opponent, the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn was the only team to beat both Alabama and Georgia throughout the year. The only team to ever beat two #1 teams in a span of three weeks in the playoff era. Opening up, the Tigers were a 13-point favorite over UCF. That was until kickoff. The Knights started slow, then turned up the heat and showed the nation why they were undefeated. UCF beat Auburn 34-27 and that’s when the claims of a National Championship started.

To UCF, they beat Auburn. The team that beat the two teams who played in the National Championship, therefore they are the kings. Hold up, not so fast.

Congratulations to The University of Central Florida on an incredible season. Arguably the best turn around in college sports, from 0-12 two years ago to 13-0 and Peach Bowl champions. That is not an easy task.

But to claim a National Championship? That is a bit extreme.

The school went as far as announcing they were going to hang a banner in the stadium and Disney hosted a parade for the team. On the night of the National Championship, the school hosted a block party in celebration.

As people flooded the streets of Disney, chants being screamed “We Want Bama” and “UCF UCF UCF,” the National Championship game kicked off.

In the early 2000s when Boise State and TCU began to get a nationwide audience, there were no talks of claiming championships, the Broncos, and the Horned Frogs kept playing and kept beating the big boys of college football earning respect with their programs. UCF should do the same, just keep playing ball. It has only been one year.

Being a smaller school, a Peach Bowl victory is huge for the football program. Nationwide attention, big bonus checks, and hardware for the trophy case. It is all positive for the UCF program. Claiming a National Title only diminishes the program's reputation that’s finally on the rise.

With head coach Scott Frost leaving to Nebraska and taking almost all of his assistants, UCF has more things to worry about then claiming something that’s not theirs. The Knights have to find a way to continue to win.

If Alabama and UCF squared up, the Crimson Tide would be a 21-point favorite.

Stop the claims, you’re not the champs. It's not the early 1900s anymore.

Cover Image Credit: UCF Knights / Instagram

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7 Things You Dread Hearing Your Rowing Coach Say

Coaches are the best and the worst at the same time

You may love your coach. You may absolutely hate your coach. But either way, there are definitely at least a few things that you hate hearing them say to you. They could be the type of thing that's more of an annoying inconvenience than anything else. Or they could make your heart start beating faster out of anxiety. Or they could ruin your entire week because you can't stop thinking about them. I happen to love my coaches, but there are most definitely some things that I would rather not hear them say. Here are a few examples I have heard:

1. "Surprise 2k/5k today"

As someone who definitely needs to mentally prepare for these at least the day before, a surprise 2k/5k is not appreciated. I also need to make sure that I'm actually staying hydrated so I don't pass out afterward.

2. "We are rowing on the square"

Halfway through your first novice season, you think that you're done with rowing on the square. No longer will you struggle to get your blade out of the water. Jokes on you because two years into your rowing career your coach decides to put your boat back on the square in an attempt to help the set.

3. "It's too windy to go out today"

This always means one of two things. One, you're going on the longest run ever because you need to fill the time. Two, you will be doing some sort of circuit for the duration of practice. I have had both happen before. As much as I hate running, doing circuits for nearly two hours is far worse.

4. "When can you come talk to me?"

If you are expecting this text then it's not that bad. If you get it randomly in the middle of class that's another story. This is especially nervewracking when they don't give you any clue as to why they need you to come in.

5. "I'll tell you the workout after the warmup"

If your coach won't tell you the workout beforehand it's usually because it's not going to be fun. In my personal experience with this statement, the workout was always a surprise 5k.

6. "We're out of snacks"

I know this sounds really petty. This is also a student-athlete problem too. We always keep a cooler of fruit and various kinds of bars and fruit snacks to have after practice in our erg room. Last semester I went straight to class from practice and didn't have a break to eat until noon. I, along with at least a few other people, almost depended on those snacks to hold me over until then. So it was very unfortunate when we were all out.

7. "Today's workout is H.O.P."

If you do not know, H.O.P. stands for Hour of Power. This workout is a strong rival with the 5k as far as difficult workouts go. It's a partner workout. One partner runs a certain distance while the second partner ergs. Once the runner gets back they switch. This goes back and forth until the hour is up. You're constantly moving and constantly out of breath.

Cover Image Credit: Mine

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