When you are asked, “Where did you go to school?” nobody cares if you graduated at the top of your class from Harvard or were a frat boy at UK. We only care about where you went to high school. No matter if you went to public school, private school, or Catholic school, you’ve heard these statements before.

1. Is anyone ever surprised when Trinity wins the state title?

Nope. But we are surprised when they play more local teams than out of state ones during the regular season.

2. St. Francis has a high school?

3. Sacred Heart

Where the priest shows up at prom, but everyone thinks it’s normal.

4. Move to Oldham County if you want to go to public school.

Just trust us.

5. Where are Presentation and Mercy?

6. This year St. X is going to give Trinity a run for their money.

7. Brown is a public school?

8. Jtown High School and its new principal

South-end school or wild west?


You can graduate knowing how much drugs cost, but you have no idea how to do your taxes.

10. What’s a DeSales?