As freshman year flies by, it’s hard to believe we only have about two months left living in the Callaway House. While we complain about the food, the noise, and the rules, it’s really the last time we’ll ever live in such a tight knit community where we have the opportunity to meet someone new every time we’re in the lobby. With that being said, here are 10 things that the residents of the #3 best dorm in America all know and (sort of) love:

1. The frustration you feel when you have gone to all of the odd floors just to find that every single study room is occupied.

2. When every single time you really need to print something, the printer is jammed.

3. Almost totaling your car every single time you make a turn in the parking garage.

4. Not being able to tell the difference between a frat house and a Callaway elevator on a Thursday night.

5. That awkward knock you do from inside the stairwell when you're trying to get someone to let you onto the 16th or 17th floor.

6. When it’s almost March and people STILL try to walk past the security guard with guests after 10 pm and act clueless when they’re told they need to sign them in.

7. Getting consistently hungry at 8:15 every night just to get disappointed when you realize the dining hall is closed.

8. The excitement that comes with getting that ‘you’ve received a package’ text.

9. When the best part of the dining hall is the mints.

10. Knowing you live at the best place in west campus.