10 Things I Regret Spending Money On

10 Things I Regret Spending Money On

Can I return something I bought In 2008?

Being a college student, if nothing else, has definitely taught me the value of the dollar. Life is expensive. While I used to depend on my parents for everything, I am slowly starting to pay for more and more. After working three jobs this summer, I still do not feel financially stable. I’ve noticed that since I spend a lot of my own money, I have become a lot less wasteful and a lot more frugal.

Sometimes, I wish I could get back the money I wasted over the years. Do you ever think about how much money you could have if you didn’t waste it on pointless fads or trends? I’m sure I am not the only with some buyer’s remorse. Everyone has made a few purchases they regret, and today I got to thinking about all of mine. Here are ten of my most notable regrets that I’m sure you can relate to.

1. Clothing Trends. My impulsive clothing buys are easily my greatest money waster. In the past, I tried to keep up with every trend. When maxi and circle skirts became popular, I bought every color that I came across. In middle school, I had five pairs of Uggs and two pairs of Coach sneakers. If something was popular, I wanted every color and every style. Since college, my style has become much less trendy, and I no longer wear much of what I bought. Recently at a garage sale, I sold over half of my wardrobe for one to two dollars an item. At the sale, I realized how much money I wasted that I will never get back.

2. iTunes. All throughout middle school and high school, I primarily used iTunes for music. I paid the $1.29 (plus tax) for each song with my debit card (or an iTunes gift card if I was lucky). With Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and various other ways to access music at no cost, I can’t help but regret all the money I spent on music.

3. Webkinz. Before my garage sale, I was cleaning out my hallway closet, and I found a bag with over 30 Webkinz in it (I am not exaggerating). Each Webkinz came with a code to play with the pet online. With every Webkinz I purchased, my online account lasted for a longer period of time. When I was 12, I wanted my account to last forever, so I bought every Webkinz I could get my hands on. To feel less guilty about this huge waste, I recently logged into my account and fed my Webkinz for the first time since 2008. Unfortunately, I still feel guilty, and I am still broke.

4. Virtual Worlds. Along the same lines as Webkinz, I was a member of a number of virtual worlds. I mainly played Club Penguin and Fantage, costing me $8 a month EACH. Both games can be played without memberships; however, my 12-year-old self wanted access to every feature. I am actually embarrassed that I ever spent money on these sites.

5. Mechanical pencils. This probably seems very random, but after sorting my school supplies from last year, I had to throw out over 20 mechanical pencils. They cost a lot more than traditional pencils, and they require lead refills. I have never been a big fan of buying extra lead, so if one runs out I usually throw it away. I used to try to refill them, but the process got annoying. Pencils in the trash = money in the trash am I right?

6. New Textbooks. Freshman year fall semester I bought mostly new books for my classes. Because I bought them from the campus bookstore, they were very expensive since they were new. This semester, I bought all used books off of Amazon. I now realize how much money I wasted on textbooks, most of which I will never need again. While I sold a few back, in the end I lost a lot of money.

7. High School Apparel. When I was in high school, I bought every single T-shirt sold. I have years of homecoming, prom, sports teams, and other types of T-shirts that now go unused. Many of my high school friends regret buying Varsity jackets, because no one wears them in college. At school, I rarely see people wearing their high school apparel, and I have never seen a high school varsity jacket. Everyone acquires college apparel that promotes the college itself, a Greek organization, or even a club. The 50 T-shirts I have sitting in a pile in my closet look to me like a pile of wasted money.

8. Justin Bieber Memorabilia. Through middle school and the beginning of high school, I was obsessed with Justin Bieber (like most girls my age). I had two cardboard cutouts, every magazine he appeared in, every album he produced, pins, his book, etc. After throwing out about $75 worth of cardboard the other day (his cutouts), I realized how much money I wasted being a fan girl.

9. Gym Membership. Getting a gym membership sounded like a great idea. I wanted to get in shape and lose the freshman 15 this summer. But, after injuring my foot, I hardly went. Even when my foot healed, I still did not go. Because I was so busy working this summer, I wanted to relax during my downtime. Unfortunately, I did not lose any weight at the gym this summer, but instead I lost a lot of money!

10. Chipotle. Just kidding! I have spent hundreds of dollars on Chipotle, and I can honestly say I do not regret a single penny. Only nine regrets came to mind, but "9 Things I Regret Spending Money On" did not sound as nice. I would 100 pecent pay for Chipotle every day and not regret it.

While I sometimes wish I could return everything and get my money back, these regrets are backed with memories I will never forget. I wore my high school homecoming t-shirts to the football games. I bought my favorite artists’ music on iTunes, and my memorabilia collection was very special to me. I regret the money, but not the priceless memories. To me, they are worth every penny.

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We're All Going To Die, So You Might As Well Live Your Life The Way You Want

Danny G
Danny G

In this life, an amazing thing happens. We are born.

Our parents stand there, looking at us as we come into this world. They cry. They laugh. They hug us. They shake friends' hands. They hug each other. They smile. They go through moments of fear. They become afraid of not doing something right. They worry they'll end up bad parents. They watch us grow. They make mistakes. They watch us make mistakes. And they see our lives change in front of their very eyes.

And in the end, there is one thing that is absolutely certain to happen after we are born: we are all going to die.

Now that sounds extremely morbid, kind of disappointing and I know damn well depressing. And it should be. Because in reality, after we are born, we grow up. We enjoy (or don't) our childhood. We live our lives. We make friends. We date. We have relationships. We go through good and bad times. We get jobs. We struggle with our lives. And in the end, only one thing is absolutely guaranteed: we are all going to die.

Our parents are excited. Hell, we're excited. Even if we're too young to know it. We're in this world. We get to see the light (that's not a religious thing by the way). We get to see the lights in the hospital room. Then we see the lights in our house. We see the lights in a school gym when we get older. We see the lights in hotels that we stay in when we travel.

Hell, it might be a religious experience, who knows. But in the end, we hear the stories about the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a song by the band Vertical Horizon that says the light is starting to fade. That's what happens when the end is near. And no matter whether we live for five years or one hundred years, one thing is guaranteed to happen after we are born: we are all going to die.

Now you can sit there in front of your computer, read this story and say "Why the hell am I living? Why the hell am I even trying? I'm going to work. I'm going to sleep. I'm going to eat. I'm going to have a relationship. I'm going to be bored. I'm going to be angry. I'm going to be sad. I'm going to be happy." But it doesn't matter, because we are all going to die.

Now the choice is yours. You can sit back on your ass and just wait to die. You can be a lazy bum, not go to work, not own a house, not have kids, not have a family, not find happiness, not be married to someone who bores the shit out of you, or not be overly happy every single day of your life. You can sit there and never have sex, never eat a Twinkie, never go out with a girlfriend, never play a game of cards, or never even walk naked the rain. You can have an attitude of "Why should I bother?" but either way you're still going to die.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm fitting in everything I possibly can. i spend a lot of time with a couple of my best friends. I spend time watching movies. I spend time officiating sports. I spend time finding things that make me happy. I'm no longer sitting around miserable, in a house where nobody talks to each other, there is no friendship, there is no relationship and there is no happiness. I'm going out and finding my own place in the world. I'm not going to sit around and have the attitude of "Why the hell should I bother?" It doesn't matter.

What you do in your days is up to you. How you choose to live your life is up to you. You can wake up tomorrow, be angry, pissed off and want to throat punch someone. You can just look into the sky and say "To hell with it. We're all going to die. Why should I even try?"

Or you can wake up with a great attitude, be positive, go out of your way to put a smile on a stranger's face, do something good for someone you don't know, change someone's world, pay it forward, find a new girlfriend, find a new boyfriend--hell, date both of them for all anyone cares. But find yourself. Look for your place in the world and do what you want to do. Make yourself happy.

You can sit around in misery, pissed off, angry and upset. You can hate the world. You can hate your neighbors. I don't give a shit. You can hate me. You can just spit on the sidewalk, quit doing what or who you were doing and just have the attitude that it doesn't matter. The choice is yours, but either way, we are all going to die.

Have fun with that. Me? I'm going to enjoy happiness. I'm going to enjoy life. And right now, I'm going to sit in front of my computer at midnight and enjoy a Twinkie, because I don't care if we're all going to die. I'm just not ready to go yet. So I'm hoping God puts it off for a few more years. I have some things I want to do. People I want to spend part of my life with. Places I want to go. And yes, Twinkies I want to eat.

So my attitude won't be crap. I'm not going to sit here and pissed at the world and pissing on the sidewalk, yelling and screaming that we're all going to die. I'm going to enjoy myself and do just the opposite.


Cover Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/cross-cemetery-spring-tree-sky-3214271/
Danny G
Danny G

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