10 Things To Learn Before Welcome Weekend

Ladies and gentleman, the greatest weekend of the year is finally upon us, welcome weekend. Back to school ads have never been more exciting until you have reached the threshold of college. Here are a few things to do and remember as the weekend approaches.

1. Download Find My Friends Now

You are going to lose whoever you came with, make sure before you go out all of you and your new roommates download find my friends. This will be you're biggest tool to use in new territory, plus its just smart you never know what situations you are walking into.

2. Do Not Wear White

Think about it, you're going to be in crowded rooms where everyone is holding a drink. You are going to get spilled on. Don't be that rookie trying to look cute in white, its the first weekend and you will make a better appearance not having wine and sweat stains all over you.

3. There's No Such Thing As a Bad Idea

You know that video of Shia Labouf, JUST DO IT, watch that before you go out. This is probably actually horrible advice but thats only because you haven't started drinking yet. Once welcome weekend hits anything is possible and teamwork makes the dreamwork.

4. Pace Yourself

Don't be that person who wakes up friday morning and starts going hard, shower beers are amazing but you don't want to get to Monday and only remember passing out at 3 p.m. and never even making it out. Slow and steady wins the race but we're all excited here, so lets all find that happy medium of drinks to shots ratio and enjoy every moment, shall we?

5. Bur-Nasty's Does The Job

Its cheap and does the same thing a Ciroc, trust me. No one actually cares whats in your cup, they won't even remember your name tomorrow anyways. The bottom line here is were all here to drink and be merry, we are all equals here.

6. Prepare Tylenol For The Morning After

Wine is a beautiful, beautiful thing and may just be the holy water of drinks. Wine drunk may be the funnest giggliest time of your life, but wine hangover is death by headaches. Stock the medicine cabinet and get ready. You got three good days of welcome weekend and mama didn't raise no quitter.

7. Stock Your Fridge With Gatorade and Water

DO NOT USE THE GATORADE WHILE DRINKING but definitely have it for the next morning. You have a small window to recuperate before its back to the drawing board for round two and these two liquids will help your liver get it's act together.

8. Prepare A Safe Word

We have all been there, you're out just trying to have a good time with your friend but someone just won't leave you alone, so prepare a safe word with your friends. A safe word you can casually say so your nearest friend can swoop in with some lame excuse (yes they'll be onto it and hopefully get the message to lead you on) so you can go on with your night free from creeps asking you if they've met you before. Hey buddy, if you have to ask me that you probably haven't met me before.

9. Know Where You Can Crash

Its all fun and games until you're ready to go home and realize you have no way of getting there, wherever you go make sure you have an out. Either a friend that lives by where you're going or a way to get home plan that out before you leave do not wing this one.

10. Its Syllabus Week, Whatever Mistakes Made Adapt For Next Weekend

You have a full week of classes where you sit there and listen to the same rules over and over again (but theres always that one professor who was the teachers pet themselves that assigns the first assignment but its syllabus week so you aren't gonna do it anyways). Having this week means the next weekend is just round two but stress free, you're officially into the school year now so you're a week wiser lets learn from last weeks rookie mistakes and act like it.

And finally last but not least BE SAFE. Please hand off your keys if you're handed a drink, protect yourself and others while out, say something if you see something. Have fun but be smart.

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