Everyone has those days where it seems as though nothing is going your way and you just want to curl back up into bed. This is my mood every day because it always seems as though everything that could go wrong, does. I have had bad luck for as long as I can remember. It does not help that I also have pretty bad anxiety. With that, here are the 10 things that I try to do every time I have had a rough day and need to remind myself that it is just one bad day, not a bad life.

1. Breathe

This might be the easiest thing to start with, but it is one of the most helpful. When I was younger I used to count backward from 12. As I have gotten older, I now count backward from 100. Overall, if you are able to calm down and separate yourself from what is stressing you out, then that is a good start to calming down and getting yourself out of a bad situation. Breathing helps to not only calm you down, but it also can take your mind off of the situation or day and to be in that particular moment.

2. Listen to music

Playlists are your best friend. I have had so many bad days end with making a brand new playlist. There is just something having new music to listen to when you are driving around, showering, doing homework or just relaxing. You can never go wrong with music that will help put you in an even better mood at the end of the day.

3. Watch Netflix

Start a new series! Netflix is always adding and taking away shows, so why not binge something that you have not seen in a while or have yet to start? I always recommend "The Office" and have recently gotten into the show "Queer Eye."

4. Talk to friends

I always go hang out with my friends when I have had a rough day, even if it is just to sit around them and do nothing but watch vines for a few minutes. Being around someone else's company is a huge benefit for myself when it comes to me needing to vent or when I just need a laugh. I can always count on my friends for lifting my spirits on a bad day.

5. Go for a walk/exercise

Seriously, just going for a walk or exercising are two of the best ways to boost your mood. Not only does exercising get your energy levels up, but it also gets you out of your head and into another place entirely.

6. Try something new and get out of your comfort zone

You never know if you are going to like something unless you try. I recently got into rock climbing and it has been an amazing stress reliever. I have always been afraid of heights, so when I first tried it I was petrified. Turns out I love it!

7. Take a nap

I understand having a ton on your plate, but sometimes you just need a 20-minute breather to relax. Napping in those instances really helps to take you out of the moment and to also allow you to stop what you're doing and think more about the situation. 10/10 would always recommend a nap when the day has been a rough one.

8. Organize your desk

I do not know about you, but I will put off anything to just organize my area. I do not work well in an environment that is not kept clean. So I procrastinate by organizing everything around me. It's a nice way to get out of my head and to at least make sure one thing in my life is not a mess.

9. Hammock

This is something that I cannot resist when it is too nice outside and when I have had an awful day. I've grown to love going outside more. Seasonal depression is a real thing, too, so when life has you down just being outside on a beautiful day can lift your spirits!

10. Read a book/color/write

Coloring has become such a phenomenon recently and I have definitely partaken in it. There is something about being able to make sure that one thing is going right that allows me to calm down. Same with reading and writing -- I am a huge fan of both, even though I rarely ever have time to sit down and actually do either. These three are just a nice way to get out of your head and not be present for an hour or so.