I am coffee's number one fan. It makes early morning classes a little more bearable and staying up late to study physically possible.

Drink it in the morning, the afternoon or any time, really. Coffee is always relevant.

1. Getting in line at Starbucks is the best part of your day.

Waiting in line behind 20 people is all worth it as soon as the barista places that cup into your hands.

2. You get a little too excited when you hear the Espresso machine turn on.

The most beautiful sound in the world, combined with the greatest smell to ever grace your nostrils.

3. Whether it's 8 a.m. or 8 p.m., you always have a mug in your hand.

Every hour is coffee hour.

4. You tear through gift cards like it's your job.

Your love of coffee hasn't been very kind to your wallet.

5. "Can I have a sip?"

There's nothing you hate more than sharing your coffee. No, there is not enough latte to go around.

6. When you're feeling down, coffee is always there to pick you up.

Coffee can take you from "dead inside" to "feeling like a million bucks" in a matter of minutes.

7. You drink it even when you're not tired.

Don't lie: sometimes you're drinking it for the taste.

8. Your local coffee spot knows your order by heart.

Not only are you on a first name basis with your barista, but they are pretty much listed in your emergency contacts.

9. Most of the time, one cup just isn't enough.

You take free refills very seriously.

10. Coffee will always be your one true love.

Man, writing this really made me want some coffee.