10 Things You Don't Actually Need In College

Are you that anxious freshman who can't stop thinking about your upcoming life at college? Well, I was in your shoes exactly a month ago. To save you some time and trouble, here are 10 things that you don't need to bring to college.

1. Brita filter

There is a dining hall for a reason. Get all the free water you want in the dining hall without the hassle of cleaning your Brita all the darn time.

2. TV

Trust me, one of your friends will bring a TV so there's no point getting your own. Also, with all the time your classes, homework and clubs take up, you won't even have time to watch TV.

3. Coffee maker

Again... there is a dining hall for a reason! Just make your coffee there and skip the struggle of making your own coffee at 8 AM in the morning.

4. Printer

Your school provides you with printing services included within your tuition... so take advantage of those services!

5. An abundance of throw pillows

Sure, throw pillows will make your bed look cuter. But when you're tired and want to go to sleep, taking off those throw pillows will seem like the biggest chore.

6. Car

Maybe you think having a car on campus will make your life more convenient. Well... actually, it'll just be simply annoying to have around. Finding a parking spot on campus is a brutal battle in and of itself. And you won't need it when everything on campus is either walking distance or bus distance.

7. Credit card

Don't fall into the trap of getting a credit card as a naive freshman because your bank account will not be happy with you. You'll easily lose track of how much money you're spending and you don't want to be in more debt than you already are. Just get a DEBIT CARD instead!

8. Toolkit

Toolkits take up space and are super heavy. Why bring one when you have the resources on campus to get free repairs?

9. Steamer

Listen, you'll be so busy and tired by the end of your day that you won't care if your clothes are wrinkly. Also... no one on campus cares.

10. Formal wear

You would think that there would be plenty of formal events in college... but that is FALSE! Which is why you don't need your 500 nighttime dresses or that fancy schmancy tuxedo.

Take my word and just don't bring these things! Your suitcase will thank you and so will your future college self.

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