Being born and raised in Illinois, you grow to love and hate certain things that others out of the state would not understand. You’re used corn, awful construction, and endless amounts of flat land. You love Portillo’s, Jewel, and almost all Chicago sports. You learn that each place in this is unique in their own way. I had a urge to leave Illinois ever since I was a teenager and I made that a reality by going to school in Wisconsin. Like Illinois, there are a lot of things I’ve learned about Wisconsin that I would have never knew about unless I lived there. Here’s just 10 things I’ve seen that is different, and fell in love with.

  1. Bubbler. Apparently, that means a drinking fountain. On my first day of school, I was asked where the nearest bubbler was and I honestly thought it had to do with a fish tank... via">">via GIPHY
  2. They have these things called Hills. The hills are truly alive in Wisconsin. No wonder they call Illinois residents "flatlanders"! There are hills EVERYWHERE here!!
  3. True sanctuary for Outdoor Lovers. There’s a lot of forest preserves and lakes that people can enjoy instead of being indoors. Fishing and hunting is super popular! It is similar to Illinois, but Illinois on steroids. The beauty is unreal at times.
  4. Construction does not take 5 years to be completed. If you are from Illinois, you know that road construction is no joke and takes forever. Wisconsin actually completes road construction in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Supper Clubs!! If you are looking for an amazing sit down dinner, check out the nearest Supper Club! A lot of them are great steak places and you can enjoy drinks while waiting for your table. If you need a great Supper Club, check out The Boarding House in Mountain, Wisconsin. You won’t regret it!!
  6. I think I may be in the middle of nowhere...yeah I definitely am. In Illinois, I’m used to small towns, but they are scattered throughout the state. In Wisconsin, you see small towns occupying the majority of the state! via">">via GIPHY
  7. Forget Jewel, Festival is my new best friend. My first couple weeks away at school, I definitely had Jewel withdrawals. Festival foods became my new favorite place to shop with reasonable prices, local food items, A HUGE SELECTION OF CHEESE, a lot of ready meals to take home, and a wide selection of Organic and allergy friendly products.
  8. Cheese, cheese everywhere. It is not a myth that the state is huge on their cheese. It is sold everywhere! You can even get fresh cheese at the gas station. It's amazing and satisfies cheese lovers, like myself, needs! And the best thing ever created is fried cheese curds…must go order some now...
  9. Fearless Animals. I’ve learned to be patient as the road I’m taking is road blocked by turkeys or geese. I’ve also learned that the squirrels are not skittish and the deer with hit YOU, not the other way around.
  10. FOOTBALL!! Illinois residents are crazed sport fanatics but when it comes to football, Wisconsin residents have a passion on a whole other level. On Saturdays they cheer for their Badgers and on Sundays they cheer for the beloved Green Bay Packers. I hated football before moving to Wisconsin. Now this Illinois girl is a Packers fan (sorry dad).via"> GIPHY
You don’t know how a part of the nation truly is until you experience what they have to offer. I grew up going to a cabin in Wisconsin but never stayed there more than a weekend. It was not until I lived there and became apart of Green Bay that I got to know what the state was all about. Illinois will always have my heart because that is where I was born and raised. BUT no matter what happens post college, Wisconsin will always be apart of me from here on out. After all, the Frozen Tundra is my kinda place anyways.

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