10 Things You Miss About Connecticut College While Abroad

10 Things You Miss About Connecticut College While Abroad

Studying away is amazing, but there are some things to feel homesick for.

Everyone tells you that you'll be having too much fun studying abroad to miss home, and that's true for the most part. But there are some endearing parts of Connecticut College that I have found myself missing in the month that I have been in Italy:

1. Everything being ten minutes from your room, at the most.

At Conn, you can roll out of bed fifteen minutes before class and make it there with time to spare. At night, dinner and friends are just a quick walk away. When you leave all that behind and choose to study in a city in Europe, your feet and legs are in for a bit of a shock. Walking between classes can take twenty minutes, and maneuvering through the city is a workout without the help of public transportation. It's satisfying to have your phone tell you you've reached your step goal every hour, but I know my feet will be thankful to take on Conn's sidewalks after months and miles of cobblestones.

2. Sundae Sundays.

As annoying as it can be to wait in line only to find your favorite flavor has run out, having the candy at the toppings bar to sneak back to your room is worth it. Giving yourself gelato Sundays isn't so bad, though.

3. Dryers.

If you thought doing laundry at Conn took up time, you haven't gone abroad! Parts of Europe just don't believe in dryers. Some people are lucky enough to have a dryer built into their washing machine, but where I am, the living room has been filled with drying racks for days as the seven of us living in the apartment wait for our clothes to be at least halfway dry. Once we're back at Conn, getting to fold warm clothes straight out of the dryer is going to feel like a blessing.

4. Hearing the Coast Guard's cannons go off.

I hadn't even realized this was a sound I was so used to until the cannon on Gianicolo Hill in Rome went off on our first days here, and I was the only one not to jump. It goes off every day at noon, and every time I hear it I think of the boom that echoes across Route 32 from our neighbors at the Coast Guard.

5. The Harris staff.

They're so friendly; it's impossible not to miss them. The staff here in Rome is great, but nobody could replace the people working in Harris!

6. Camel-Everything.

Camel cookies, camel waffles, camel-shaped decor everywhere you look in Cro... At Conn, our odd mascot is everywhere. Not only is it hard to find a single camel in European cities like Rome, but its hard to find good cookies and waffles, too!

7. Self-Scheduled Exams.

We haven't even had exams yet, but I know I'm going to miss being able to choose when and where I take my finals. The idea of the professor sitting in the room watching you struggle isn't a fun one, either. Life without the honor code making you feel comfortable leaving your backpack at the library overnight and allowing you to procrastinate until the last possible day of self-scheduled finals is going to be rough.

8. The Arbo.

Most people study away in cities, which aren't exactly the place to find a literal forest in your backyard, like we do at Conn. Taking walks around the water, lying in the grass during Arbofest, and exploring the rocks and nature paths are all serene moments you don't get very often living in a city unless you really go looking for them.

9. Floralia.

When it came to deciding between fall and spring for studying away, the fact that I would be missing Floralia at the end of the year was one of the first things I thought of. It'll be hard finding such a perfect way to end the semester outside Conn. I'll have to live vicariously through stories and pictures on Facebook.

10. Seeing your friends every day.

Whether you planned on hanging out or you just spotted them while walking to class, it's hard to go very long without seeing the same people at Conn. While studying away, you have to work around distance and time differences, deal with missing texts for hours, and arrange FaceTime and phone calls at odd hours. Most of your calls involve telling them to come visit you, though, so hopefully you'll see them soon enough.

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19 Signs You're From South Jersey

South Jersey breeds a unique type of human, and it will always be our home.

If you are from South Jersey, you are a unique breed of human who has been blessed with Wawa, pork roll, Philadelphia, beach trips, all-service gas stations, hoagies, water ice, and more. The population of South Jersians can relate to so many things that everyone else in the country can't- this list is just to name a few.

1. It is pork roll, not Taylor Ham.

Let's get this one out of the way first. Every South Jersian knows that “pork roll” is the product — the meat — and “Taylor” is the brand. We don’t refer to bacon as “Oscar Meyer.” It is literally not even ham, and the word “ham” actually appears nowhere on the Taylor brand packaging. That’s all I have to say about that.

2. Wawa is the beloved, convenient, delicious, and sacred place that we worship.

Easily our most common go-to. In fact, you can typically find 4 different Wawa’s within 5 miles of you at all times. If anyone closed their eyes and dreamed of the best convenient store possible, it would be Wawa.

3. NYC is cool, but Philly is your city.

Spruce Street Harbor Park, Independence Mall, Magic Gardens, Center City Sips, cheesesteaks, Graffiti Pier, and endlessly more — Philly gives you everything you could need for a beautiful night and only we know how underrated it is.

4. You probably do not know how to pump gas.

If you have driven out of state, you may have had to figure it out by now, but for the most part, we have the luxury of not needing to know this skill. Fill it up regular, please!

5. A day trip to the beach is your bliss.

If you’re from South Jersey, you have a long list of beach options — and you most likely have a favorite. Between LBI, Ocean City, Wildwood, Seaside, Avalon, Sea Isle, Atlantic City, and more- we are certainly spoiled.

6. Our slang is different.

For whatever reason, our vocabulary is quite unique — even compared to North Jersey. Especially among teenagers, we have an abundance of special jargon.

7. It’s a hoagie. Not a "sub." It will always be a hoagie.

We all love our Wawa Hoagiefest. No one can ever tell us differently — a sub is a submarine boat and Subway is an underground railway system.

8. And people call them “jimmies,” not sprinkles. Oh, and it’s "water ice" not Italian ice.

Clearly, we like having our own South Jersian language.

9. You learned to drive with pretty awful road rage.

You are surrounded by road rage here, especially if heading toward Philly or New York. It’s the land of honking, cutting off and middle fingers. The lovely picture above is from the New Jersey Turnpike.

10. Honestly, you probably dislike North Jersey.

For some reason, Jersey has pretty much segregated itself into two different states. Or three, I guess, if you’re someone who counts Central Jersey. The rivalry is real — in fact, any North Jersian reading this has probably physically cringed multiple times by now.

11. Your accent is subtle, but yet pretty distinct.

We tend to have an accent on words such as cawfee, wooter, and begel. We certainly do not have a “joisey” accent, but something is still a little off.

12. There is no “New” in New Jersey.

Ok, obviously there is, but as you can tell already within this article, we really do not often use the “New” part. Too much inconvenience for us I assume.

13. You probably make a trip (or five) to BB&T Pavilion every summer.

Or “Susquehanna” as the more original concert-goers will still refer to it as- the lawn is basically the best place to be (except when you lose all your friends and have no service). It’s also usually a high school reunion to see all your hometown friends on break.

14. You have everything you could want within driving distance.

Philly one way, or the beach the other way, or NYC another way, or even the Poconos when you need some mountains and skiing. We’ve got everything.

15. The weather is dramatic and bipolar.

One day could be sunny and 75, and the next it could be snowing. The concept of specific seasons is iffy.

16. You probably describe where you live in reference to Philly or Cherry Hill.

When an out-of-stater asks you where in Jersey you are from, you most likely give a response along the lines of “just outside of Cherry Hill,” or “about half an hour from Philly.”

17. You live within 20 minutes of multiple different malls.

You will be able to find multiple decent shopping malls anywhere you are in South Jersey- a real convenient blessing.

18. You most likely know at least 10 people that go to Rutgers.

Being our biggest and most popular state school- you are guaranteed to know a good handful of people that found their way there after high school.

19. Lastly, you are proud of our little “armpit” corner of the country.

As much as we may talk bad about it and complain about wanting to leave, we know it’ll always be home. South Jersey breeds a special type of person.

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Cover Image Credit: https://twitter.com/wawa/status/718019343544684544

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10 Places At Cleveland State University To Grab A Cup Of Coffee When You’re In A Rush

Ten coffee spots on Cleveland State University's campus.


I drink coffee every morning. I make specialty coffee for a living at the moment. Basically, my life is coffee, so when I was brainstorming ideas for this week's article I thought "COFFEE." Here are ten cool coffee spots worth your time whether you're a Cleveland State student, staff, or simply in town!

1. Outtakes Quick Cuisine

This little convenient store on campus sells coffee in a convenient location on campus for students walking between buildings in the inner link. It's on the second floor of the student center but they only sell drip coffee so it is not considered a café. However, if you just need a quick cup of joe on your way to your next class, this is the spot for you!

2. Viking Grounds

Another convenient coffee spot on campus is Viking Grounds. Unlike Outtakes, Viking Grounds sells specialty coffee's like lattes and mochas. It's on the first floor of the student center and the staff is very friendly!

3. Business Perks

Business Perks is located in the Monte Ahuja College (Business Building) on the first floor. This café is branded with Starbucks coffee, but they do not use the same ingredients as Starbucks.

4. Café Ah-Roma

A similar set up as the TV sitcom "Friends," Café Ah-Roma has couches and tables for their customers to relax in while they enjoy a cup of coffee. Café Ah-Roma prioritizes customer service and is conveniently located across from the Science and Research building next to Trinity Cathedral.

5. The Link

Another coffee spot in the inner link for convenience has drip coffees, "Seattle's Best," the same coffee as Outtakes.

6. Bloom

Behind Burgers 2 Beers is a little bakery that has been open for two years. They sell specialty coffees like lattes, espresso, mochas, etc. My personal favorite is the hazelnut americano!

7. Joe Maxx

Notorious for their coffee on campus, Joe Maxx sells specialty coffees and breakfast items. A fun coffee to try from here is an americano au la breve. Joe Maxx offers a 10% student discount and has punch cards where you purchase five coffees or teas and receive the sixth for free!

8. Constantino's

Attached to a popular living option for students at CSU, the Edge, Constantino's sells specialty coffees and drip coffees. Their staff is always super friendly and their lattes are exceptional.

9. Corbo's Bakery

Located in Playhouse Square, Corbo's bakery sells specialty coffees and pastries. No cap, their cookies are life changing. Forget their coffee and buy cookies, you won't regret it.

10. Starbucks

We all know good old Starbucks. This franchise is in Playhouse Square and if we are being honest, you can't go wrong with Starbucks. Personally, I'm a local coffee shop type of gal but like I said: you can't go wrong with Starbucks.

I went on a hunt where I walked four miles on campus tracking down every single coffee spot I could find. There are a million. So rather than taking up everyone's time with an article filled with fifty different coffee places, I picked the ten most convenient coffee spots on campus that stuck out to me. Here are a few other spots that are definitely worth checking out though if you like trying new coffee places!

  • The Market Café and Wine Bar
  • Pour
  • Hatfield's Goode Grub
  • Restore Cold Press
  • Phuel Café
  • Bon Appetit

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