It’s that point in the semester; we are more than halfway done. The tail end of midterms are fast approaching and finals are on their way. Students reluctantly get up from bed every morning and drag their heavy feet to the final few weeks of classes. Motivation is at an all time low and work just seems to pile up faster than you can even realize. Students are beyond stressed and all they can think about is that faint light they see at the end of the tunnel: summer.

It’s so close we can almost taste it, but it’s not quite here yet. All anyone can think about is what this summer entails, which may be the only positive thoughts getting us through the rest of this semester:

1. Summer, in general.

This is the first example because it is the one thing that is guaranteed to be on the minds of college students nationwide. Summer is so close, hence, so is our freedom. This is our elongated break from work, stress, and (for the most part) responsibilities. No matter what the summer is about to bring, every college kid wants it to come sooner rather than later.

2. Going Home

Home sounds so good right now. My nicely made bed (thank you mom), my family all home, and a shower where I don’t need to wear shoes. Laundry I don’t have to pay for, food constantly available in the fridge, and home-cooked meals. Tell me one good reason I wouldn’t want to go home. Being an adult is fun and all, but when I go home my responsibilities lessen just a little bit thanks to my lovely parents and the lovely home I get to go back to.

3. Concerts

Best part of summer is all the concerts. Country, rap/hip hop, mainstream, and so many more genres tend to have the bulk of their tour dates during summer months. For outdoor venues, tickets are usually pretty cheap and with the nice summer weather it is a great way to spend summer nights with friends. Good music, tailgates, beautiful weather… what else could you ask for?

4. The Beach

Lying out on the warm sand getting a nice tan? Count me in. Everyone flocks to the beach during summer months, so do not be surprised when you see a mob of college students blaring music and hogging up as much space as possible. College kids love the beach because it’s free and fun.

5. Vacations

Whether it is with family or friends, summer is the best time to explore the world. Cross country or across the world, the next few months are your opportunity to discover someplace new and create new memories.

6. Friends

Most summers, for college kids, are spent with friends. Late night outings, day trips, or just chilling by a backyard bonfire is where you will find groups of hometown friends hanging out and having a good time. Going home to a great group of friends is another reason students get so excited about summer. Everyone who went on a different college path all come home and you get to share your experiences while reminiscing on the good times and creating more of them.

7. Work/Internships

For some college students, this summer is for working or make contacts in their field through internships. Summer allows us the opportunity to save up money and to continue to get work experience in our fields of interest. Although not the ideal summer plans, some do enjoy keeping their mind busy with tasks that their jobs require. This way when returning to school in the fall, your mind hasn’t been on a total break for the past few months.

8. Road Trips

Road trips are always full of great memories, especially those that are spontaneous. These endless hours of talking, singing along to the radio, eating snacks, and enjoying the company of friends are ones you never want to forget. Some trips may be for the day and others for a few, but either way this is a summer bucket-list must. Road trips are a great way to bond and spend time with the people you love. You can go somewhere for the first time or go back to a place full of old, good memories. Possibilities are endless when you are shacked up in a car full of the people that make you happy.

9. Food

No more common foods. Finally, home-cooked meals every night. Nights dedicated to backyard barbecues, tailgate grilling, or feasting at your favorite restaurants you can’t go to when at school. Oh, and lots of ice cream. Summer is the best time to get homemade ice cream to cool of after a long day at the beach or work. Eating opportunities during summer vacation is endless.

10. Not School

No matter your summer plans, chances are they do not include school (and if they do your dedication is impeccable). While students are sitting in the final few weeks of lectures, labs, and exams, you better believe they aren’t thinking about school. They are dreaming about finally sleeping in their bed. They are thinking about friends, family, food, and all the plans they have to make this summer one they will never forgot. They will make this summer one they can think about next fall when they’re sitting through another semester of never-ending classes and homework.