10 Things College Girls Actually Want For Christmas This Year

01 November 2017 //
Thomas Rhett / Instagram

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Honestly... Most of us would probably find ourselves landing on Santa's naughty list. But HEY! Santa seems like a pretty forgiving guy so maybe he can find it in his heart to squeeze us on to the nice list, right?!

Here are some things that every girl wants this year that is definitely going to require some of Santa's Christmas magic.

1. A 4.0 Grade Point Average

Oh Santa, I know you have seen how hard I have been working this semester day and night. Through the long nights at the library fueled by bottomless amounts of coffee, I have dreamt of somehow achieving a 4.0 GPA. So Santa, instead of gift cards and fuzzy socks this year, I would really love a 4.0… and another Venti iced coffee to get me through the day.

2. Beyonce to Drop a New Album

OK, Santa. I am really going to need you to pull through for me on this one. I don't just want Queen B to drop a new album, I honestly NEED Queen B to drop a new album. She gives me the motivation to be a strong, successful, independent woman, OK. I need her to hype me up with some girl power lyrics so I can make it through this next semester. OH! … one more request Santa, tell her to release the album everywhere, not just TIDAL. Us college students can't afford that shiznit.

3. My Very Own Thomas Rhett

Santa, I am just going to make the bold assumption that I made it on the nice list this year. So I am hoping that since I have been good ALL year that I on Christmas morning I will find Thomas Rhett sitting underneath the tree singing me love songs. Santa, if you bring me, Thomas Rhett, this year I promise I will never skip class again.

4. “The Office" Reunion

Santa, this one is crucial. I need you to somehow pull this one off for me. I need to know how Michael and Holly are doing and if they have had any kids yet. I need to make sure that Jim and Pam are still madly in love. I also want to know how Dwight and Angela post-honeymoon phase. THEY ARE MY FAMILY. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. I NEED UPDATES OK. So Santa, if you could use your Christmas magic to add “The Office Reunion" to Netflix on Christmas morning, I will sob out of pure happiness.

5. No Calories Count on Christmas

This one is going to require a little bit extra Christmas magic, Santa. I just need a day, ONE DAY, where I can stuff my face with cookies, stuffing, and pie without any of the calories counting against me. Even though it's Christmas, my mind is still concerned for my summer body, so if you could make calories go extinct on Christmas that would be LIT.

6. Gas Prices to Chill TF Out

Santa, I know you probably don't understand the struggle of paying for gas (since you have magical flying reindeer) but it is THE worst. So for Christmas, if you could maybe drop a law that gas isn't allowed to be more than $2 per gallon, that would be so dope. I promise everyone will be much happier and the naughty list will be significantly shorter next year.

7. Every Dog in the World

Santa, let's just say if I woke up to every doggo in the world safe, happy, and loved I would be the happiest girl of all time. I just want to hug every single dog and give them all endless belly rubs. It would be the best Christmas miracle of all time. Every dog deserves to be on the nice list no matter what, OK. Christmas joy isn't only for humans, so if you could let me spread Christmas joy to all the dogs in the world that would be great, thanks.

8. Resurrect Snapchat Top 3 Friends Viewer

Santa, not sure if you have Snapchat, but if this year for Christmas you could bring back the old Snapchat where you can see everyone's top 3 friends, us girls would appreciate it for creeping purposes. Like seeing everyone's top 3 friends on Snapchat was one of my favorite pastimes back in the day, I miss those days Santa. Seeing people's top 3 friends explains so much, not only do I need this for Christmas, society needs it, OK?

9. Magical Hair Growing Potion

So this is a special request, Santa. I would really love if you could use your magical ways to create me a potion that makes my hair grow like 2 inches overnight. I have been trying SO hard to get my hair to grow Santa and it's just not happening. It is literally going to require magic to get my hair to grow any longer at this point. So if you hook me up with this magical potion for Christmas, I promise to share with everyone.

10. Kris Jenner to Adopt Me

Santa, honestly can you just pick me up in your sleigh on Christmas Eve and drop me off at the Kardashian/Jenner estate on Christmas morning so they can adopt me. Kris Jenner is literally the Queen of the world and I need her to adopt me so I can join her clan of beautiful, wealthy children. I know I am asking a lot of you here Santa, but trust me, all of my problems would be solved if Kris Jenner adopted me, OK.