10 Things Only Choir Members Understand
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10 Things Only Choir Members Understand

If you've been in a choir, you just get it.

10 Things Only Choir Members Understand
Lexie Panek

If you have ever been in a choir, odds are you've had some pretty unique experiences. From trips to inside jokes to everything in between, choir creates experiences you can't have any other way.

1. The Go-To Song

If you have a group of friends that you do choir with, odds are you have a go to song. Whether you are in Walmart or the car, there is a song you all know perfectly and you can break out into a 4-part harmony anywhere you please. You may get some strange looks from people around you (especially if your go-to song is in Latin or another language) but you really don't care because nothing is more fun than breaking out in harmony in Wendy's.

2. Singing in the Shower

While most people sing in the shower, you take it to a whole new level. Not only do you have a specific playlist of songs to sing in the shower, but you also have to plan at what point of the day it is acceptable to belt out songs that echo down the hallways (which really depends on where you live).

3. Singing in the car gets taken to a whole new level.

Harmonies are the best. What better place to practice harmonizing than a car ride? If you're in a car with fellow singers, you can have a blast as you all try (and sometimes fail) to harmonize to whatever is playing. However, car rides with non-singers isn't always as fun. Sometimes, you can harmonize to the music, but especially when you're just experimenting, things can go horribly wrong, and the other people in the car question your sanity and ability to stay in key. (YES, I know its in the wrong key, I'm trying to fix it!)

4. Nothing beats choir trips.

A bus full of people who love to sing, what could possibly go wrong? A lot, actually, but trips are always fun! Whether you're camping out in a church or running the halls of a hotel late at night, there is almost NEVER a dull moment.

5. You plan your whole life around singing.

Oh, you want to hang out later? Sorry, I have rehearsal.

6. You seem to only hang out with other choir members.

Maybe it's because you can count on them to sing with you, or even practice with you. Or maybe it's because you're together all the time anyway, so it just sort of happens. Either way, it seems like all of your friendships started because of choir.

7. When someone is NOT singing the right thing.

There is always that one person that never seems to know what they're doing. Once in awhile, you realize it's you and quickly quiet down to figure out what is wrong. Hopefully, these mistakes are only a problem in rehearsal...

8. Choir Dresses

This needs no explanation.

9. You know Latin better than you know yourself.

Latin. It seems like music is always in Latin, or at least something Latin based. This is fine though, because you can now pretty much pronounce every Latin word ever. Sure, you might not know what they mean half of the time, but hey, at least you can sing it.

10. You wouldn't trade your experiences for the world.

Sure, sometimes things don't always work out. Maybe you didn't get that solo or maybe you were forced to sing a voice part you didn't want to sing. But, when push comes to shove, you love choir anyway. The friends, the music, and everything in between makes all of the hard work so worth it in the end.

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