Everyone has a hobby, and mine just happens to be makeup! I love using it, playing with it, and shopping for it. If you're a makeup junkie like me, you'll definitely understand these ten struggles.

1. Your purse is a graveyard of used lipsticks.

Every time you go out, you put at least a lipstick in your purse. You often find your makeup missing from your shelf just to find it in your purse weeks later.

2. You probably have a very specific and lengthy skin care routine after you take your makeup off.

Considering you know your makeup products so well, you definitely know what they put into your skin. Of course, you need the best of the best skin products too.

3. Traveling is extremely difficult.

You don’t know what to pack with you and when you finally figure it out, you need a bag bigger than you even have. Not to mention how stressful it is to unpack it all when you get home!

4. When you see a new popular product come out, you just need it.

You see it and want to go to the mall that very moment. You need it all, even if you’ll never wear it. You just need to add it to your collection, even if you only wear it once.

5. The biggest mess in your bedroom is definitely wherever your makeup is.

You probably tell yourself you’ll put it all back when you’re done using it but let's get real and think who actually does that? Not many of us have the time and we wind up leaving it out for too long. Who could forget the loose powder you find pretty much everywhere?

6. You can’t see an Ulta or Sephora without going in and spending all of your money or at least window shopping.

Sometimes you even have to take an alternate route just to save your money. You always need to see whats new and whats in store. You need to have it all, so why pass up an opportunity to get more?

7. You can’t go into Sephora without spending over $80.

Of course, the store is very easy to spend a lot of money in due to its high prices. But when you go in, you are so overwhelmed and pretty much convince yourself that you NEED everything you actually want.

8. You constantly want to give people makeup advice when you see them just doing it all wrong.

At least you’re generous.

9. When you’re bored, you shop online without actually shopping.

You add hundreds of things to your makeup cart with goals to buy it all one day.

10. Money. You spend so much money on your beauty products.

Sometimes you regret it when you spend so much, but in the end, you tell yourself it’s all worth it because it makes you happy.