Today’s kids will never know what it’s like to do these 10 things:

1. LimeWire

Waiting so long for songs to download and it being the wrong version of the songs. All because we didn’t have iTunes to listen to the song first or to download songs with!

2. Burning CD’s

Having to actually burn a CD with a playlist because we didn’t have the technology right at our fingertips such as iPods or any of that!

3. AOL Internet

AOL internet... Need I say more?


Walking into this store was the hardest choice of your life because you wanted to make sure it was the perfect movie that your entire family would watch, also!

5. File Downloading

This was the longest process took about 300 years to do while watching the paper fly from the world to the file folder... Still, to this day, I am haunted by the flying paper!

6. CD Players

Making the slightest movement while walking makes the entire song skip - it was honestly the worst and most stressful thing.

7. Disposable Camera Film

Talking the film to Walmart to get them printed off in order to see what they actually look like for the first time and being mad because most of them came out terrible!

8. Myspace

Spending an hour and a half changing your profile theme, making sure the text looked good, and making sure that your photo was always on the left-hand side of the page or else it wouldn’t look good!

9. Ringtone Recording

The only way to get your favorite song as your ringtone was in the car over the radio so you had to tell everyone to stop talking so you could get it. You always got upset when it didn’t work so you had to wait for the next time it came on!

10. Nintendo Games

Playing Nintendo games and when they stop working, you had to take them out to blow into them and dust them and if that didn’t work - you got stressed out because you had to stay ahead of your friends!

Kids today have it so much easier than we did, everything is handed right to them by the touch of a button!