I remember it like it was just yesterday, sitting in my high-school class, telling my best friend that I will never gain the “Freshman 15.” When it comes to studying hard for our classes we seem to sometimes forget to workout, we think "Oh well I walk to class so I won't gain any weight". Well I was wrong, doesn't matter how many steps you take in a day, it matters about how hard you work for it. Maintaining that body of yours is super hard when the there is a buffet style cafeteria and an on campus Chick-fil-a and Starbucks, but where there's a will there's a way.

1.Locate the area which you want to workout.

Most girls want to lose that belly chub or tone your legs in order to get that summer body ready before school ends.

2.Look up motivational videos.

Some people find that there is a motivational video that they like to watch before they work out or a motivational song that pumps them up to get in the mood to workout.

3.Find workouts which you will like.

Most college students love to go to Zumba, some just run around the track, but other people just do a little of everything. Just make sure you find a workout that you enjoy and don't dread every single time you go to the gym.

4.Stay hydrated.

Trust me when I say this, you NEED to hydrate before you work out. You will notice quickly a difference between having water before a workout and having a Dr. Pepper.

5.Pick out perfect workout clothes! (Of course!!)

Most girls must have the perfect workout outfit in order to feel good while working out. Making sure your outfit is on point is key to having a bomb post-workout selfie.

6.Realize that this is harder than you thought.

You'll notice while you're working out that maybe this just isn't for you. Usually most people realize this when they feel like they've been running on the treadmill for what feels like 20 minutes and then they pick up their phone to only notice that five minutes have passed by.

7.Force your friend to do it with you.

Sometimes bringing a friend to workout with will help motivate you as long as you both have the energy to motivate each other for success. Having a best friend basically means having a free workout trainer, who won't yell as much as a retired drill sergeant.

8.Slowly give up.

We all get that feeling, the feeling of why try if nothing is going to change. You know that moment when the workout says to do 50 reps and your first thought is "20 should work just as well".

9.Make up an excuse as to why you don’t need to workout.

This is when the "I have homework" excuse comes in when we all know well enough that while our friends go workout we are more than likely sitting back in the dorm binge watching Prison Break or How to get away with Murder.

10.Go to the Caf and eat.

Food always seem to be a problem solver, and when you are done with trying to workout you seem to just find yourself back where you started, eating food that isn't helping you. Which starts the whole trying to workout as a college student cycle.

Sometimes working out isn't for every one, and as long as you yourself are completely comfortable in your body you don't need to please anyone other than yourself.