I will admit it: I am a coffee addict. I always told myself when I started drinking coffee that I wouldn't become someone who needs coffee every morning. Well, look at me now. First thing I do when I roll out of bed is turn on my Keurig. I live for that first sip of coffee going through my veins. But sometimes, mornings don't run so smoothly. Maybe you wake up late or are too busy getting ready for the day. Or maybe you woke up feeling awake already and thought you'd be fine without your morning coffee. Either way, us coffee drinkers have all experienced the day where we did not have our morning coffee. We've also gone through these 10 steps of not having morning coffee.

1. You think you'll be okay.

Seriously, I can't be that dependent on coffee...right?

2. You're starting to get tired.

I've only been awake for an hour, how am I already exhausted?

3. Every little thing starts to irritate you.

Could these people seriously breathe any louder?!

4. A nap is starting to sound really good.

Maybe if I just rest my head on my desk for a minute...

5. The headache hits.

You all know what I'm talking about.

6. You start thinking about where you can rush to get some coffee.

If I run to the nearest coffee place on campus I can still make it to my next class with two minutes to spare.

7. You start rushing to said coffee place.


8. You order the first thing that comes to your mind.

Just give me the coffee, dammit.

9. You finally get a hold of the coffee.

My precious.

10. The coffee touches your soul.

Alright world, you may go back to normal.