The 10 Stages Of Fall Break As A Villanova Wildcat

The 10 Stages Of Fall Break As A Villanova Wildcat

See ya in a week, Villanova!

One of the many great things about Villanova is that it blesses its students each October with Fall Break. No, it is not merely one or two sad days off for Columbus Day, like so many other schools receive. This is a beautiful 10-day period post-midterm week when students get to go home and just relax. Here are the 10 stages of Villanova's Fall Break

1. Walking out of your dorm on Friday after all your midterms like.

"I'm freeeeeeeee." God bless. At this point in the game, you couldn't care less if you failed every single midterm you just took. You just wanna be outta here and on your way home.

2. Coming home and immediately jumping into bed.

The time for stress is over. The time for sleep is now.

3. Wondering how students at other schools even survive without this.

The truth is that Villanova rocks. And we're so accustomed to the good life here that we can't even fathom just picking right back up after a stressful week or two of midterms. It's a sin, really, that those other schools have to endure that.

4. Coming up with big plans for all your free time.

"I need to go shopping here, and get a haircut this day, and visit my friend at school on this day, and since I have so much time I can totally start working out again..."

5. But then literally never following through on any of it.

Netflix has taken over as the top and only priority. You started binging three new shows that you're sure you can finish up before you get back to school next week. After all, this break is for relaxing right?

6. Having to live by your family's eating schedule and not your own.

You've spent this whole semester creating the perfect eating schedule that aligns perfectly with both your classes and when you're hungry. And just when you're getting used to it, you're uprooted from your life of independence and thrown back into a world where you have to wait for your family to eat dinner every night. Torture.

7. Going out to eat at places that don't accept NovaBucks and having to pay real money.

You take the meal plan for granted until literally everything you want to eat requires money being deducted from your checking account.

8. Realizing that it's already the end of the week and you've done literally nothing but sleep.

Your parents and siblings say, "I thought we were going to spend time together!" And you're like,"Well it's already Thursday, too late for that."

9. Thinking about how much work you're gonna have when classes resume.

Midterms might be over but that doesn't mean you don't still have a billion things to do. I'm not even back yet and I'm already behind.

10. But ultimately being happy to reunite with all your friends after 10 days apart.

Yes, you're sad to leave your comfy bed, and you wish you could bring your dog back to school with you, but you'll see them in a month! Thanksgiving Break, here I come!

Cover Image Credit: Annie Condodina

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Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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7 Spooky Things That You Had To Endure This Halloween

Halloween is over but the spook is not.


Halloween marks the first major holiday of the fall and it never fails to get everyone excited. Everyone prepares for spooky season in a different way. Some dedicate all of their time to costumes, others to decorations, and some to baking. The part we forget, however, is the true spookiness we only realize after the season is over. We love to trick or treat but sometimes making it to Halloween is the hardest part. Here are a few things you probably survived this Halloween:

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