10 Stages of Being Back at School

Hopefully it's been a long, relaxing summer, filled with friends, family, and lengthy naps. You took a much needed and break and it paid off. But the fall semester wasn't far behind and before you knew it you were back.

1. Moving in, unpacking, getting the new place set up, and realizing just how much stuff you really have

It can be really overwhelming. You're trying to keep track of everything but the boxes keep coming, especially if you're moving into a house or apartment. TIP. Stick boxes and bins under your bed to preserve space.

2. Having to stand in those long lines just so you can buy overpriced textbooks

This is practically a rite of passage for all incoming students, even if you think ahead and order them, most of the time you still have to stand in line to pick them up.

TIP: bring a book or call a friend. you'll be there a while

3. Getting everything organized to ensure a productive semester

The only thing more thrilling than buying new notebooks, pens, highlighters is organizing them. You instantly feel in control and ready to face the oncoming classes.

TIP : Color code your classes. Blue highlighters, tabs, and folders for one class, green for the other.

4. Completely blowing off 1, 2 and 3 for as long as possible to celebrate with the friends you haven't seen in months

I mean... who can blame you really? You haven't seen your people all summer and this will be a rare time when you have no homework or classes the next morning.

TIP: Make. Memories.

5. Waking up after your last night of freedom and realizing what today is.

The dreaded "morning of." All you really need is one more day, unfortunately that day was yesterday and if you have my luck, your day begins at 8am Three days a week.

TIP: Go to sleep at a reasonable hour. You'll be glad you got those 5-6 hours.

6. Putting together that one perfect back to school outfit

The iconic first day outfit. It's a new semester, what impression do you want to give? Preppy? professional? artsy? What will make you feel the most confident and in-control? So many options, so little time.

TIP : Make a statement.

7. Wading through the sea of new freshman on your way to class like

You know it's the first day when you're trying to make it across campus but there are crowds of confused freshman blocking your way.

TIP : Give them a break, they're probably having a harder time.

8. Trying to Find Your New Classes

Believe it or not. This does happen to everyone, no matter their grade. Sometimes you get a class that's in some random building you've never been to, ensuring a mini-panic attack in your quest to find it.

TIP: Don't be afraid or too proud to ask for help

9. Trying to focus on your new professor and the syllabus while trying to scope out the cute guys.

You're trying to take your notes on the syllabus and make a good impression on your new professor, but you're also checking out your new (very attractive) classmates.

TIP: Study. Buddies.

10. Being done for the day, then realizing that this what next 5 months of your life are going to look like

You've had a long day, you're ready to relax and then you realize what tomorrow is going to look like, and the day after that... and the day after that...

TIP: Breathe.

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