So, you enter your senior year of college with a few grand in the bank from your summer job(s). You think, "Yeah, I'm fine! This will last me all semester!" ...until a few hundred dollars magically disappears during syllabus week. You realize that drinks at Stackers, Chipotle runs, household decor and Uber rides are going to break the bank unless you finally get a job while at school. Here are the 10 stages of applying to jobs at UMass Amherst.

1. Applying to work at a Dining Common

Berk, Hamp, Frank and Worcester are always needing extra dishwashers, prep cooks and servers to help out with the thousands of meals they serve daily. Working at Hamp wouldn't be so bad, right? Those tall black hats that they wear seem kind of cool.

2. Ditching your first day of work at a Dining Common

Your first shift is 9 a.m. on a Wednesday. But, you just so happened to go out Tuesday night and you just can't seem to leave the comfort of your bed. "Eh, they have so many employees already. They won't even notice that I didn't show up. I can find another job easily," you think to yourself.

3. Browsing the Job Board

The UMass Job Board is constantly being updated by on and off-campus employers. New jobs are posted every day, and because there are so many options, you apply to one or two ads that look like 'the perfect fit' for you.

4. Remembering that UMass has almost 30,000 students, and they're applying for the same jobs as you are.

So, you sent out a couple emails to your potential employers. You've been checking your email day in and day out for a response, without bothering to apply to any more jobs on the Job Board. "They'll get back to me," you assure yourself. "I'm not too worried about it."

5. Putting on your best business casual and strollin' through Amherst Center.

OK, so those people never got back to you. Who cares? Amherst Center is filled with shops, cafés, restaurants and bars, and it is more than likely that one of those establishments will need your help. With your resume in one hand and a smile on your face, you begin your job tour.

6. "We've already done our hiring for the season."

"Well, shit. I guess I did start late. I mean, it's only September 7th; what's up with all these people who snatch every job weeks before they move in? They're just a bunch of hardos." You say to yourself as you drive away from your dreams.

7. Ginger Garden

You see a "Help Wanted" sign as you enter the best Asian food restaurant around, Ginger Garden. "This could be a sign! I'd love to work at an Asian restaurant. Egg rolls fa days," you say to your friend. As you begin to inquire about the job posting, you look around. Every worker is speaking a foreign language to each other. The hostess then informs you that they're looking for an advanced sushi chef. You give up on Ginger Garden.

8. Panicking

It's been two weeks since you started your job search, and it seems like everybody and their mother has beaten you to every job in the Pioneer Valley. You begin to skip nights out with your friends for fear of spending money. You switch your usual grocery shopping routine to canned goods and bread just to save that extra dollar. Your job search procrastination got the better of you, and now you must live like a penny pincher during what is supposed to be your best year of college.

9. Back to the Job Board

"Hey, it looks like Hamp is hiring..."

10. Making your first day of work at a Dining Common

I guess life comes full circle sometimes.