10 Software Packages You Didn’t Know You Needed

10 Software Packages You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Businesses today fight two competing instincts: the desire to make themselves more competitive and the need to avoid complicating things for their employees or customers.

That means many businesses settle for lackluster software that promises to do a lot of things, often not doing any particular task very well. The goal underpinning all-in-one software is a noble one — simplifying life for companies and the people who work with them — but these packages can actually add work to their plates. If the software doesn’t do exactly what’s needed, after all, how does it get done?

There is, however, software to carry out the niche tasks that need to be done efficiently and effectively or to collect needed data — all without eating up employees’ time.

1. Pixelz

Have you found a great product description and read wonderful reviews, only to be dismayed by the less-than-captivating picture attached to the item? You’re not alone. Knowing how closely high-quality imagery is linked to e-commerce businesses’ success, Pixelz created an assembly line process to meet each client’s specifications for consistency and appeal. The Specialist Assisted Workflows (S.A.W.™) technology created by Pixelz can handle retouching at scale; the brand also built transparency into its process, affording clients the ability to see editing in real time and easily compare before-and-after photos.

2. Xero

The marketplace is glutted with accounting software, it seems, but Xero has struck a balance between catering to Windows users and addressing Mac fans’ needs. Capable of integrating with more than 500 apps, Xero makes it possible to collaborate with accountants, bookkeepers, and other teammates at a moment’s notice. While the software is focused on addressing real-time cash flow and invoicing, it values data security, using industry-standard data encryption and two-step authentication. The brand also offers highly rated customer service that includes everything from live chat to return phone calls.

3. Toggl

Have you ever wondered how a seemingly perfect client doesn’t seem to be profitable, but your team actually makes money on a difficult account? Time-tracking software like Toggl can often reveal the reason, pinpointing patterns, lag times, and processes that have become time-consuming. Knowing exactly where team members’ time is going identifies problem accounts, processes, and behaviors — as well as versions of each of these worth repeating.

4. YoKart

Many business leaders yearn to replicate the success of marketplaces like Etsy and eBay but don’t have the resources to create their own multivendor ecosystems. YoKart offers both multistore design templates and customized designs, and while the framework belongs to YoKart, the source code resides with the customer brand. Encrypted, mobile-friendly, equipped with discount and rewards features, and bolstered by an analytics tool, this is a turnkey vendor marketplace software.

5. ClearView

Transportation and shipping are the unsung heroes of many companies’ operations; they live out of sight and out of mind but have a major impact on a business’s success. ClearView’s software eases the management of logistics and shipping, enabling brands to track and optimize locations and expenses. ClearView also offers automated and secure freight parcel payments and audits, as well as assistance in acquiring stronger carrier networks and carrier-discounted rating contracts.

6. QASymphony

In a world where launching its own software is considered a business’s peak, what kind of software supports the people building software? QASymphony aims to fill that role, built on the knowledge that as the market shifted away from waterfall development to agile, testing tools didn’t keep pace. The brand provides software testing and quality assurance tools to empower software-building companies to enhance their speed and collaborative abilities while testing. These tools allow users to do everything from reporting to tracing defects.

7. Gainsight

Modern-day businesses believe they live and die on customers’ experiences, reviews, and word of mouth, but they often don’t know how to address or anticipate those reactions. Gainsight was built to streamline customer service and scale it, believing that “you can tell a lot about your customers’ health by the way they engage with and use your product.” The software collects data, monitors social media relationships, and suggests ways to nurture failing relationships back to a healthy state. Its data not only allows for collaboration, but it also identifies opportunities for advocacy.

8. Allego

Successful sales teams are oftentimes distributed geographically, which is great for locating different audiences but difficult for assuring high-quality training. Allego utilizes mobile to boost sales training through video content sharing. Companies can use the software to both create their own training content and access others’, cutting the cost of on-site training. Allego streamlines onboarding for sales teams, offers a coaching platform, communicates best practices and companywide messaging, and provides certifications.

9. Catalant

Despite the rise of platforms like Uber, finding on-demand help when it’s needed isn’t easy. Short-term projects, new verticals, and internal knowledge gaps can all drive companies to search for talent beyond their own walls. Catalant offers software solutions to help businesses access expertise as needed, using an algorithm to match subject matter experts or people with specific skill sets to a business’s objectives. Catalant enables users to review bids, interview experts, manage projects, and pay within the software; it also offers analytics.

10. Ambassador Software

Marketing platforms occasionally seem like a dime a dozen, but the ones that zone in on a specific area of marketing are worth their weight in gold. Ambassador Software focuses on referral marketing, providing a platform for users to create programs and campaigns and track them. Those programs can address not only referrals, but also partners, affiliates, advocates, and influencers, and they allow for user segmentation. Ambassador prides itself on being a platform for marketers, offering a visual editor, customer portals, automated workflows, and designs and templates.

Wanting to be both competitive in the marketplace and easy for employees and customers to navigate is a worthy — and achievable — goal. Having strong, area-specific software on your side enhances the quality of the work your company does and opens up time for your team members to do the high-level work you hired them to do that no software can master.

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