10 Small Things I'll Dump A Guy Over
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10 Small Things I'll Dump A Guy Over

Peace out, fellas

10 Small Things I'll Dump A Guy Over
Anna Mills

1. Being late

If you need more time, schedule our plans for later. I understand that sometimes crazy stuff happens or traffic or whatever else but being an hour late for no reason will get you dumped before you can blink.

2. "I could care less"

Couldn't*. Read a book.

3. Talking smack about my teams

I once blocked my ex for 2 days for smack talking. I warned him and he didn't believe me. He's just lucky he didn't get dumped right then and there.

4. Bad chewing

Close your mouth. Have some manners. Take small bites, keep your mouth shut, and wait until you swallow to talk. It isn't hard.

5. Annoying breathing

Being sick is one thing, but if you're constantly breathing in an obnoxious manner, I won't be able to stand it.

6. Going through my phone

This isn't small to me but to some people it is so I thought I would throw it in here. I don't have anything to hide. Anything you want to see, just ask. And after you ask, make sure you get some help for those trust issues.

7. Leaning down to talk to me

I tend to date guys who are pretty tall (usually 6'4" and up...but at least 6'). And so, yes, I am smaller. However, that does not mean that you need to bend over to be 2 centimeters away from my face to talk to me. I can hear you and I'm loud as hell, so I know you can hear me too.

8. Looking at my mouth instead of my eyes when I'm talking

This one goes for everyone in my life, actually. No matter who you are to me- a stranger, friend, boyfriend, professor, family member- I don't care... if you look at my mouth while I'm talking, I will freak out and never talk to you again. It drives me insane.

9. Not letting me snuggle you

I'm not going to say I'm a great snuggler, because honestly, I'm not. I tend to sprawl out all over and just let myself be dead weight. There is nothing cute about it. But I am a pretty touchy person if I like you, so if I can't snuggle, I'm out.

10. Sneezing excessively

It seems ridiculous but sneezing makes me cringe. I understand that everyone HAS to sneeze, and once or twice in a while is fine. And if you're sick- I'll make an exception. But those people that sneeze 9 times in a row- nope. I'm out. Or the obnoxiously-loud-for-no-reason sneezers- nope. Also out. The worst one is the sneeze-in-my-hand sneezers. Absolutely not.

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