When you've watched every single episode of Gilmore Girls, you'll start to realize you're one of two people: you're either Lorelai or you're Rory. If you're the Rory of the two then you know these points hit home all too well.

1. You literally cannot LIVE without coffee.

2. Schoolwork defines your life.

3. Your Mom is literally your best friend. You talk to her about anything and everything and can't live without her.


5. So, you literally cannot leave your house without a book in hand.

6. Waking up early is not in your vocabulary or a relevant part of life.

7. You have no idea how to flirt or date.

8. You have a sense of humor about everything.

9. Food is sacred to you.

And you live on take-out food.

10. But above all, you know when to take a little risk

and when to just have a little fun.