10 Signs You're Pouring From An Empty Cup

10 Signs You're Pouring From An Empty Cup

Recognizing that we need a little more self-love in our lives.

1. People ask you who/what you love, and yourself isn't one of the answers

Your friends, your classes, your career, your family...the list can go on and on before you get to yourself. but being able to say that you love yourself is just as important as knowing that you love yourself. Without first recognizing the beauty and love in ourselves, we cannot possibly spread that love with those around us. We are only as strong as what comes from within.

2. You have trouble saying "no" to people, even when you know you're being stretched too thin

There's nothing wrong with helping the people you care about, but when that generosity starts to have a negative impact on your self care something needs to change. Being able to say no to people shows that we care enough about ourselves to put our needs first.

3. Your day is full..but you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing

There's nothing wrong with having a full schedule, but you should know the intentions behind your actions. We should spend our time focused on the things and people that matter to us and make us a better person. If you can't put your whole heart into something, there is no shame in stepping away and it is probably time to move on. By weeding out what is unimportant, we'll become more genuine and balanced individuals.

4. Taking care of yourself doesn’t feel like a priority

If taking care of your body and mind is at the very bottom of your 'To Do List', it is time for an adjustment. Every single thing that is on that list before yourself takes the strength of your body and mind to complete it. By putting off self care we are jeopardizing how much effort we can put into the other things on that list. Take the necessary 'To Do List' time to go to the gym, eat healthily and reflect on your day.

5. You hate being alone

When your day is so busy that you don't have any free time, you become out of touch with how you're feeling. Being truly alone and reflecting is important to our mental health and constantly feeling like you need to be doing something keeps us from that. Feeling uncomfortable being alone is never a good thing and by taking time for ourselves, we might begin to understand why we dislike being alone and seek the help we need if necessary.

6. Your failures feel huge… but your successes feel small

How are you supposed to build other people up if you're always tearing ourselves down? If you want to give your best to the world, you have to recognize and appreciate the good things that you are capable of. Focusing solely on the negative will only bring you down.

7. Your best doesn't feel good enough

Because you've spent your time focusing on your failures and shortcomings, when you do something right it doesn't feel like enough. You constantly compare yourself to others and always feel like you come up short. When you do something right but think you could've done better, positively reinforce yourself that you can get there instead of making yourself feel bad.

8. All criticism does is tear you down

Criticism can be a positive thing to help you improve yourself and do better next time, but when we take it as a negative thing it causes problems. By understanding that some criticism is constructive we can take on a more positive self image.

9.Your life looks really great on paper but doesn't feel fulfilling

If you're doing all of the "right" things but you still don't feel satisfied at the end of the day something needs to change! Find things that you can get behind with your whole heart and that bring a smile to your face. Focus less on what looks good on paper and more on what feels right.

10. You don’t want anyone to know you’re struggling because you don’t want to burden them

Dumping your problems on other people is never a good feeling but sometimes it is necessary. Keeping your negativity bottled up is counterproductive and harmful to your state of mind. While it can be tempting, I would challenge you to speak out about your problems to the people who you care about and who care about you. At the end of the day, if someone cares about you, they'll want to listen and help however they can.

I have personally felt each of these things in my life and know the negative impact that they can have on our perceptions of self worth. Sometimes changing your life is a matter of mindset and breaking habits, but sometimes it is more serious. Reaching out for professional help is not something that should be shameful or embarrassing. Do not hesitate to reach out, friends.

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Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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You Don't Need A 'Bikini Body' To Fully Love Yourself This Summer

You don't need to be stick-thin to feel good about your body.


One of my favorite quotes of all time is, "Comparison is the thief of joy." Want to know why? Because it's true.

I could look in the mirror one day and feel totally confident about myself. Then I'll see a post on Instagram of some beautiful girl, feel awful, and wonder why I don't look like that. But there's a reason I don't look like that — because I'm me, not them.

The fact of the matter is that we need to love ourselves for who we are. We need to stop comparing our beauty to that of others. We are all our own people and we should feel confident in our beauty.

Bikini season is a major source of struggle for me and many others. Everyone is lounging on the beach in bikinis and you feel like you just want to hide under your towel. Every other photo on your social media is a super skinny girl from high school showing off her body. You will NEVER see a photo of me in a bikini on social media because I'm simply not comfortable in my body enough to show it off like that. I have always wished that I was, but at the same time, that's not who I am.

You don't need to be stick thin to feel good about your body. Every body is beautiful, and we need to embrace that. If we constantly look to others as a source of comparison, we will literally never be happy in our own skin.

Bikini season is tough as it is, don't make it tougher on yourself by allowing your mind to take over. Enjoy your spring break, enjoy your summer, enjoy your life. You deserve it. You deserve happiness.

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