My fellow Westchester residents, if you get annoyed when people misunderstand where you're from, or call a wedge a hoagie, you're in the right place. Keep reading to remind yourself just how special and unique you are for being one of the Westchester.

1. First and foremost, it’s a wedge, not a sub, not a hero, not a hoagie. A wedge.

2. You were forbidden from going to the Galleria with your friends because your mom feared you’d be kidnapped.

3. You get annoyed when people say you’re from “upstate” New York.

4. But you continue telling people you live “right outside the city.”

5. Amazing pizza.

6. You woke up early with your friends/family to take a road trip to Jones Beach.

7. People thought you were hard for being from the Bronx, or Yonkers.

8. The pre-party started on Metro-North.

9. Half of your grade said they were transferring to Catholic High school. (At least three went).

10. When people ask you where you’re from you respond, “Westchester, New York”, not your actual hometown.