10 Signs You're Anti-Valentine's Day

10 Signs You're Anti-Valentine's Day

A single person's least favorite holiday


It's finally here, the date on your calendar that you wish didn't exist, February 14th; Valentine's Day. It's time to lock yourself in your room away from all the lovey-dovey couples and stay far away from cupid and his arrow.

Heres 10 signs that you're Anti-Valentine's Day:

1. The sight of a happy couple makes you cringe and you gag at their PDA.

2. You have to close your eyes when passing the Valentine's Day aisle filled with oversized teddy bears and heart shaped chocolate boxes.

3. The only reason why you're excited for Valentine's Day is because the day after means 50 percent off candy at CVS and Walgreens.

4. You’re totally fine with spending Valentine's Day alone binge watching Netflix and drinking wine by yourself.

5. You find yourself hating on your ex a little extra on Valentine's Day.

6. You think Valentine's Day is a pathetic excuse for a holiday.

7. Your logic is "who needs a boyfriend when I have pizza?"

8. You've dedicated the day towards crying over your love life and eating your body weight in pounds of chocolate and junk food.

9. You and all your other single friends plan an Anti-Valentine's Day party so you can cry about your nonexistent love lives together.

10. You find yourself third wheeling your best friend and their significant other, not only on Valentine's Day, but every other day too.

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