Finding or having a college roommate is not exactly a walk in the park for all people, especially their freshman year. You often hear those horror stories that people have about their roommate like "They're always stealing my stuff", "We don't even talk to each other", or even worse, "They bring a different guy back to our room every night". And although a lot of people do have stories like that, there are some who have found that their best friend is their roommate. For those people that have, we are all extremely lucky. Our roommate is there for us when we're stressed out, in tears, or cheering alongside of us when something good happens. They're our main supporters, our number one fans, and a person we can always depend on. So, here's a special shout out to my roommate and best friend, I couldn't survive college without you.

1. You have a show you watch together.

Whether it's The Bachelor or Grey's Anatomy, you both know that you can't make any other plans that night.

2. Her closet is your closet, and vice versa.

Whenever you think you've run out of cute outfits, you remember that your roommate has just as many (or more) clothes as you that you can borrow.

3. She knows all of your weird habits, including your sleeping patterns.

And more importantly, she does't judge you for them.

4. She has seen you at your worst and your best.

Whenever you've had a rough day and are extremely stressed out, she's always there for you. You're not embarrassed around each other to be who you are.

5. She knows what you're thinking 99% of the time.

And she's probably thinking the same thing.

6. She knows your Chinese order.

And you know hers.

7. She has your class schedule memorized, and you plan when you can get lunch or dinner together.

Having different majors is hard sometimes, but no matter what, you find time throughout the day to see each other.

8. You stay up all night talking and laughing about the dumbest things.

9. Even when you're not at school, you still know everything that's been going on with her.

You still hear from her every day and it's almost like you are never apart.

10. She supports you and encourages you throughout everything, no matter how big or small.