Do you believe you may have a slight coffee addiction but aren’t completely sure if you are a full addict? Well, it’s your lucky day! After roughly 10 years of pumping the sweet, sweet delicacy that is coffee into my system, I’d like to think that I am a resident expert on what makes you a coffee addict. So if you want to find out if you have a coffee problem then pour yourself a mug, sit back and read on!

1. It’s your motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

When your alarm goes off and you debate whether or not you want to get out of bed and the thought of coffee is what gets you moving, then you may have a problem.

2. "But first, coffee."

‘I need to get dressed; but first, I need my coffee.’ ‘I need to go to work; but first, I should buy a cup of coffee.’ ‘I’m going to be late to class, I need to go; but first, I should grab a cup of coffee.’ ‘But first, coffee,’ is life.

3. You get the caffeine withdrawal headache.

Ah yes, the headache that comes when you clearly did not have enough coffee today. We all know that pain.

4. You can’t be around people without first having a cup.

Every little thing everyone does is suddenly the most annoying thing in the world to you without your coffee. Even breathing. Scratch that; especially breathing.

5. People can’t stand to be around you when you don’t have your coffee.

I may have been sent home from band practice by my best friend and told not to return until I had at least three cups of coffee in my system. I don’t know what she was complaining about, I’m the one who didn’t have any coffee.

6. You often spend your day wondering when you can sneak in that next cup of coffee.

You really should be focusing on your work but you can’t help but contemplate whether or not you could slip away for a bit to get a cup. A girl can dream…

7. You’ll splurge on the good stuff.

I’m a very frugal person and will try and save my money by going for the cheap stuff, but when it comes to coffee I always splurge for the really good one. The cheap stuff just doesn’t taste right and with coffee, you always deserve the best.

8. It takes quite a few cups to completely feel the effects of caffeine.

You drink so much coffee that you’ve built up a high tolerance. At some point in time, one or two cups became four or five.

9. People start to associate all coffee related things to you.

My 11-year-old cousin picked out coffee scented fragrances from Bath and Body Works for my Christmas last year because she says I always have coffee and I love it so much.

10. You try to find justification for the amount of coffee you drink.

The last time someone commented on the amount of coffee I drink, I went online to try and find some health facts to justify my addiction to them.

There you go, just a few signs to give you some sort of clue about whether you are addicted to coffee. But remember, just because we admit we have a coffee problem, does not mean we will quit the coffee problem.