On Tuesday, October 30, I and the Bowling Green State University Falcon Marching Band played at the BGSU Kent State football game. Yes, you can see that I said Tuesday. I was performing from Tuesday night a little bit into Wednesday as we had finished everything after midnight. While it was a fun game, performing our Halloween show, the next day felt like hell. Here are ten of the signs that I showed that I was dead from the previous night.

1. I didn't put in my contacts.

2. After my alarm went off, I slept for another hour.

3. I ate breakfast half an hour before I had to go to class.

4. I went to class without coffee.

5. My friend and I saw the game on television in the union and said it was weird seeing it like that.

6. I almost fell asleep taking a math exam.

7. Also before that I almost fell asleep studying for said exam.

8. I had the dance we did at the game stuck in my head.

9. I got back to my dorm and napped for an hour.

10. I got up and did this article.