Hopeless romantics are strong and resilient people. They may experience fall-outs with love, but they continue to believe that there is hope, and that there is someone out there for them. Here are 10 signs that you're a hopeless romantic!

1. You believe in love at first sight.

You'll know it when you see the one.

2. You believe in soulmates.

You like chocolate? Me too! Clearly, we're soulmates.

3. You believe in fate.

We're in the same psychology class, and he sat in the seat right next to me. Clearly, this was fate.

4. You love romantic movies.

Your ideal Saturday night consists of cuddling your unicorn pillow-pet, devouring chocolate ice cream and obsessing over a Nicholas Sparks movie.

5. You love Taylor Swift songs.

"Everything has Changed" and "Enchanted" are your go-to jams when you start feeling butterflies.

6. You prefer traditional dating.

It may be 2016, but you want to be asked on a real date, whether it's going to dinner or going on a spontaneous adventure.

7. You're all about romantic gestures.

If he writes a poem for you, you know it's real.

8. You fantasize about scenarios that probably won't happen.

You envision your crush ringing your doorbell, bringing you flowers and confessing his love for you. Then you remember that he doesn't even know your name. It's all good, though, because you guys are taking things slow.

9. You're in love with love.

You are more in love with the idea of love than actually loving a person.

10. You're a believer.

The world can be cold place at times, but you believe that love is good, and that love will triumph.