10 Signs It's Finals Week at Fordham

Final exams are quickly approaching and, at Fordham, there are a few tell-tale signs that they are about to begin. From the general mood of misery on campus to Midnight Breakfast, nobody does finals quite like Fordham.

1. Quiet hours become a thing.

There are signs, emails, and verbal announcements from just about every RA in your res hall. Quiet hours are taken seriously, so it’s best to wait until next semester to scare your roommate by hiding under their bed or have a late night break insanity.

2. Midnight Breakfast is the one shining beacon of hope in your life.

Probably the one good thing to come from finals. Free breakfast food at 10:00 p.m. is the best way to take a break from studying and hang out with your friends. Also having Father McShane serve you is a great bonus.

3. Library hours reflect your studying habits.

The library is open 24/7 during finals. So, if you want to sleep there, you can! Or you can have a mental breakdown in the fourth-floor bathrooms at 3:00 a.m. You decide.

4. The library also feels very sad.

If you ever wondered what Azkaban felt like, I’m guessing a lot like the library during finals. You immediately feel the dread, misery, and hopelessness when you walk through the doors. The only thing missing are the dementors.

5. The last mass before finals is packed.

That last mass before finals week is always packed. It helps that they give out free t-shirts at the end. (#justFordhamthings) Also everyone needs a little Jesus and a blessing from Father McShane before exams start.

6. Campus is silent.

Even on the weekend, campus is silent. Most people are studying or sleeping. The thought of going out fills you with anxiety because you have so much work. Also drinking away your problems isn’t always the best practice.

7. The anger you have about staying until December 22.

There’s nothing worse than realizing that your last exam is on the last day of exams, December 22. Three days before Christmas! Most of your friends get to leave by the 17th but your professor has made it clear that you cannot change the day of your exam. So you’re stuck at school while everyone else is home.

8. Study breaks in the caf.

The only time you see any of your friends during finals. Even though you say it’s a study break, you still bring a few study guides to look at. The only topic of conversation is the plight of your GPA and the ridiculous question your Finite professor put on the exam.

9. The inevitable feelings of dropping out.

Probably the most popular thought of college students during the month of December. Why put yourself through the misery of final exams if you could just drop out. Then you remember that your five-year plan doesn’t have any room in it for dropping out.

10. The thousands of emails you send to your professors.

For some this might be the only time you have ever emailed your professor this semester. For others, you and your professors are basically bffs. Whatever questions, comments, or concerns you have, you send to your professor at 2:30 in the morning. And since they don’t have to take exams, they’ll send you a response the next morning like a normal person.

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