10 Restaurants To Visit In Connecticut Before Summer Ends

I hate to say it, but summer is coming to an end (really though, how is it already August?!). With only a few weeks left before school starts again, there isn't much time. At the beginning of the summer, our bucket list is endless: beach days, vacation, shopping, cliff jumping, laying out in the sun, visiting friends and family, mini golf, and last but not least- restaurants. Deciding where to eat is always a tough choice. What kind of food do we want to eat? Where haven't we eaten yet? Where can we sit outside? Where can we eat on the water? What restaurants can we only go to in the summer? And, with summer almost being over, this decision is suddenly ten times harder to make. Summer is the only time you can go to certain restaurants, especially the ones where you can sit outside by the water. If you're lucky, you're already by the water. But if not, you have to drive far to get to some of the best places. So, for all of you indecisive people in Connecticut, here's a list of ten restaurants to visit before summer ends:

1. Elbow Room

Location: 986 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford

My Recommendation: BBQ Chicken Flatbread

2. Clam Castle

Location: 1324 Boston Post Road, Madison

My Recommendation: Clam Strip Roll

3. Bill's Seafood

Location: 548 Boston Post Road, Westbrook

My Recommendation: Lobster

4. Lucky Lou's

Location: 222 Main Street, Wethersfield

My Recommendation: San Diego Salad

5. The Blue Oar

Location: 16 Snyder Road, Haddam

My Recommendation: Turkey Avocado Sandwich

6. Shad Row

Location: 277 Meadow Road, Rocky Hill

My Recommendation: Grilled Chicken Wrap

7. The Place

Location: 901 Boston Post Road, Guilford

My Recommendation: Steamers

8. Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale


86 Boston Post Road, Westbrook

1301 Boston Post Road, Madison

501 Long Wharf Drive, New Haven

My Recommendation: Clam Chowder

9. Abby's Place

Location: 37 Pratt Street, Essex

My Recommendation: Hamburger

10. Angelico's Lake House

Location: 81 North Main Street, East Hampton

My Recommendation: Baked Potato Flatbread

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