10 Middle School Things
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10 Relatable Things You Had in Middle School

Us girls look back and cringe

10 Relatable Things You Had in Middle School

Middle school wasn't anyone's favorite time, but we might as well laugh at ourselves about. Now that it has been more than half a decade since some of us were in middle school, it's time to be grateful for how wonderful things have changed.

1. Lacy or Frilly Camisoles 

If anyone actually enjoyed wearing these shirts they were just plain confusing. These tops itched right where the lacy connected with the chest and no matter what if you wore it under a shirt it either showed, it didn't show, or it showed half of the way because you were still developing and your chest just wasn't proportionate yet. These came in all different types of colors and I'm happy to say I haven't seen this in a while.

2. Neon colored jeans

Don't ask why I wore these pants, but I did. Yellow, pink, blue, green were all the colors worn. It was cringe worthy, it was cheesy, and it didn't match ever. I'm happy there is not evidence of me wearing these, because I would be devastated and embarrassed for the rest of my life. Fashion wasn't doing the hottest during these times, and I can thank the next bullet point.

3. Justice trying to bring the 80s back

Any girl who was able to fit into their extremely small and itchy clothes knew they were walking into a Justice story when they saw the peace logos and stars on shirts and pants. Big colored earrings matches and mood rings were on the rave. Every best friend had matching best friend mood necklaces. (I have mine attached to my car keys). Justice tried extremely hard for years to get the 80s back into fashion, but it was just a time of middle-schoolers dressing just plain old confusing.

4. Choppy side bangs

If you didn't get side bangs in middle school, you thought about getting them. Typically you cut your own hair to do this because your trusted hairdresser told you not to, but you did it anyway. You wanted to layer in your hair and you got it. However, in middle school, your side bangs just led to more acne and covered the majority of your face. You could hardly see half the time.

5. Silly Bandz

For me, these started in the end of elementary school and early middle school. By the time I got to eighth grade, I had forty silly bandz stashed somewhere in my nightstand never to be used again. There was always people trading them and showing them to their friends. People had rare ones to trade for multiple lesser common ones. They were also something you begged your parents to buy for you at the story every time they took you shopping with them. You didn't need them, but you wanted them.

6. Blue and green eye-makeup

Middle-schoolers in this day and age skipped this part and I will forever be mad about it. You went with your mom to some makeup store and she took you to get your first makeup palette. Often times they asked you what your favorite color was, and often they did that exact color. It's terrible to say that a lot of girls liked the color blue on their eyelids. Pictures prove it was one of the more horrendous looks ever made.

7. Black liquid eyeliner

In middle school, I saw so many girls wearing liquid eyeliner on the top and bottom on their eyelids. I could hardly see their eyes with how thick the lines were. This was most likely something these girls copied from their moms, but with this, it probably looked better on their moms. A lot of girls would come in with red eyes primarily because they got liquid eyeliner to close to the bottom of their eyes. Lesson learned.

8. Braces

A lot of people (like me) had the unfortunate combination of braces and glasses. Whenever you smiled, you felt the bulky amount of metal glued in your mouth. On top of all the unfortunate things that occur in middle school, you had braces going all Jack the Ripper in your mouth. Wax hardly helped, but your dentist gave it out anyway. To add to the painful grown of our bodies, lets add shifting our teeth around as well.

9. Juicy Tracksuits

Any girl who was any girl wore tracksuits like it was no big deal, especially from the Juicy Couture shop. There wasn't anything fact about them other than having Juicy bedazzled on the butt of the tracksuit pants. For a middle school girl who hasn't even grown into her curves yet, it was the biggest oxymoron or the decade.

10. Hair-dye

Every single girl dyed their hair, and it wasn't just one singular way either. Girls got blonde highlights, or they dyed their hair blue (I'm looking at my best friend with that one) or they got red streaks in their hair to go with their black hair. Whatever it was, if a girl didn't cut her hair she dyed it. Thankfully, we've all learned to get our hair professionally done otherwise we end up with a birds nest of dead hair.

On the plus side, we all survived these intense changes in middle school. They weren't our brightest moments, but at least we can laugh at them. People went from poor fashion choice to good fashion choice so we can now be grateful we went through it when we did. I'm just jealous of the generation that is perfecting smokey eyes and getting designer clothes.

We had to walk so they could run!

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