10 Reflections Of A Middle Child
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10 Reflections Of A Middle Child

A day in the life of the best family role.

10 Reflections Of A Middle Child

We've all heard the saying, "the forgotten middle child" in which they are apparently not cared for in every family. While I agree with this to some degree, as the third child of four, I also know that there are some really great things that have come from me being a middle child. Middle children are obviously the funniest, most successful, and strongest kids (okay so I'm going a little over the top right now..kinda..) but here are some perks that come from being stuck in the middle.

1. I have always had someone to look at as what NOT to do.

Having two older sisters made it really easy for me to see what I should not do in certain situations, even if my oldest sister is 5 years ahead of me. AKA-the middle child is obviously the perfect one.

2. I've also learned how to defend myself from an early age.

We all know how much kids fight with their siblings when they're little, and just because there were 3 girls and 1 boy didn't mean there was any lack of hair pulling, kicking, screaming, and biting. When you're the kid without the new toy because you're not the oldest, and the little brother you wanna make play house with you, it's important to be strong.

3. You learn to share and that old stuff can be good-or be proof of a dark past of fashion.

Being the third girl with a million older female cousins only a brother behind me has meant that I've lived my whole life with hand-me downs and sharing once we all grew to about the same size. You learn that sometimes that dress with the hole is still pretty cute, or sometimes you cringe by the time the clothes makes it to you because no one your age would be caught wearing that anymore.

4. You get to experience high school with your siblings.

While some people might find this a nightmare, my high school was so big that I didn't have to worry about really being embarrassed by them. But having my older sister when I started and my younger brother when I ended as people to relate to with high school life was always fun.

5. I am influenced but I also get to be the influencer.

Having sisters in particular made it easy for me to learn from their stories and take on traits of theirs and mold them into myself, but I also had the chance to do that for my brother. I know there are ways in which I'm closer with him despite him being a boy because of our closeness in age and our teamwork of being the younger pair.

6. I've acquired both older and younger friends.

When I was 8 and my sister was a 13 year old 'cool' teenager having friends over and going to the mall and the movies and theme parks, I felt so cool being around them and becoming friends with them even a little. Or saying I was going for all these people to the high school graduation when I was 13. But with my brother only a year and a half younger than me, playing outside growing up meant there were double the kids to play with (or be in charge of).

7. You have a special bond with each child of the family.

With 7 years between our youngest and oldest, it's taken until my brother became a teenager for all of us to grow out of the constant child fighting and actually like each other a little. But no matter what, I've been around for both the older set of siblings and my brother, and that allows me to play younger, and older sister with each of them.

8. Not having an exact place for you makes you independant.

Being the kid who was maybe too young to go to the movie with the cool teenagers but too old to go to the play group with the 6 year olds meant that you had to create some fun for yourself. Being a middle child and blazing your own trail to be different from your older siblings makes you independent, and unafraid to try new things.

9. You don't need constant praise.

Having older siblings that get straight As, star in high school plays, and accomplish every major life goal before you, while having younger siblings that take your parents' attention because its the last time they'll have a child go through this stage in life means that your stages aren't quite as impressive. But never fear, you get over these things and learn how to be proud of yourself, even if it's not as poured over by your parents.

10. You're your own person with the best bodygaurds around.

Whether you're the middle child that gets ignored, or one that does get a normal amount of attention, you want to be known for you and not for what people know of your older or younger siblings that are usually more remembered. You create your own personality, with your own interests so you can stand out on your own, but you know you still have the best back up you could ever ask for.

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