Volleyball is one of best sports. Everything about it — the physical demand, the cool uniforms, the coaches and the teammates — is great. Some say you make lifelong friends, and I can't really disagree. You get to travel and meet new people, and who doesn't want to do that?

1. Burns and Bruises.

You get to show off your battle scars and have marks as memories. It's pretty cool, especially when you get to text them to your friends to see who's is the worst, and they bleed during practice when you hit the wrong spot and when they do it's like "Grey's Anatomy" Volleyball Edition.

2. Communication.

Whether it's on or off the court, communication is literally key. It fixes any problem that arises.

3. You're always working out. Always.

It's exhausting, but rewarding. From conditioning, running suicides, or simply doing wall sits. You are always keeping up. You feel perfectly healthy and fit though when it's over.

4. It's not about yourself.

That's the best part, nobody gets credit. It's all about teamwork. No self-recognition or anything.

5. You learn boundaries.

Yourselves and your teammates. Because when you find other people's boundaries, you know that teammate a bit more, and it builds great relationships!

6. It's pure amazing stress.

Schoolwork, practice, games, meetings, and socializing. Why go through all of that for a sport? Because volleyball is honestly the best sport in the world. All of that stress, temptation and pure exhaustion, it makes up for it.

7. Technique.

Learning how to do something the right way from the wrong. Your coaches telling you how to fix a problem, so you learn and succeed. It takes learning criticism and critique to a life lesson level.

8. Your knees will hurt, though. A lot.

You are either on the floor digging or jumping higher than Mount Everest. Who even likes jumping or sliding across the floor like that superstar you thought you were at Six? Me. And a whole lot of other people.

9. Respect.

You've gotten so much enlightenment and wisdom of others to give respect to them for. Especially when you've learned more about that person over the last 5 months during practices than you ever would.

10. My personal favorite, the friendships.

The unbreakable bonds, going through the ups and downs together during the season. It builds the team. You get closer and grow together from people you didn't even know at the start of the season. That's the true beauty of everything.

All of these reasons show us that this isn't just a sport or elective, even if it sounds cliché. When you join volleyball, you join a family. You will grow closer together through the workouts, and the sleepovers. When you go up, the team will go up, when you go down, the team will go down. This is your family.