12 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Come To Eastern

A few months ago this list would have been smaller, but I think so many things have changed at this school and life isn't what you think it is. I had told so many people why they should come to this school. Now the reasons why not to come to this school out way the good.

1. The price is always going up.

This is a reality in life we all know it, but when the president of your university sends you an email saying tuition is having a "minor increase". I'm sorry but a few thousand dollars is not a minor increase, we already pay $45,000 to come here. They tell you to go to finial aid, even though when you get there they say they cannot help you at all.

2. Its about the business and not your education.

Clearly I know that universities today are only focussing on the amount of money they bring in, I am not blind to that. I just wonder if the university understands what the students have to go through on a day to day basis. Yes your professors do care about you, but the university as a whole does not.

3. You cannot live off campus.

Literally you can't live off campus, like as in they DO NOT ALLOW YOU TOO! Sorry but it is utterly ridiculous. They require students to live on campus and you only have opportunity to maybe get the approval if you live within 50 miles of campus. They would rather have a student like myself, going into their senior year, drop out because I cannot afford to live on campus anymore. Where is the justice in this?

4. The wifi never works.

Well ok it works sometimes in some of the rooms but I try to do my homework in my room and the wifi is constantly going in and out. Sometimes I have to use my iPhones sharing data because it is so bad.

5. The food is disgusting and destroys your digestive system.

Yes, it is not my cooking I understand that. But seriously the food destroys your digestive system, you will not poop the same while you are on campus. It takes about a week for it to normalize as well when you go back home. There are some options but the food is often over cooked, undercooked, or cooked just right but no flavor at all.

6. Parking is awful!

They allow all of the freshman to park on campus and there isn't enough parking for the rest of us. If you tell everyone that freshman have to park in west lot then don't let us think that there will be parking for the rest of us when you move them to the main campus lots. As a resident we cannot park over by the academic buildings because there isn't enough parking. If you have work right after class you have to run back to the resident parking lots by the dorms and drive to work, if you park it over by the academic building you will get a fine of $25. It also costs $325 for the year to have a car on campus.

7. There are visitation rules and fines for breaking them.

Yes we are a Christian University and are blessed with the opportunity to have visitation at all, we could be like Liberty University. We do not have room checks but we have hours during they day in which we can have people of the opposite gender in our room. The door must remain open and the room must have good lighting. When it comes to sitting and laying down at least one person must be in a 90 degree angle sitting up.

8. They cut a week from winter break.

Now this is not entirely that big of a deal but 3 weeks instead of 4 decreases work time. I work over winter break and there was one less week I could work to earn money to support myself for the semester. Also 3 weeks is barely enough time to recover from the death of the fall semester and jump start spring semester.

9. It isn't really a Christian University anymore.

Yes, Eastern has visitation and strict rules about alcohol. We are required to take bible courses and there is an optional chapel on Wednesdays along with grow group, but like America it seems that more and more students are running away from God then toward him. I lean more conservative on a liberal campus, which I was aware of when entering this university. But the Christian community is dwindling and when I sit in a Theology class in which my professor has no understanding of where evil came from and has such an interesting perspective of christianity no wonder christianity is leaving the university. It is more of a "Yes, I believe in God but I behave like every other person in this world so you'd never know."

10. It is a dry campus.

Coming into college I liked this until I fully understood what it meant. You cannot come back to campus while intoxicated. You must be sober otherwise if you get caught you can and will get a fine for it. This makes it extremely difficult for those who are 21 and want to go out for a few drinks.

11. It is really small.

Everyone knows everyone and their business. Word spreads like wild fire and nothing is kept secret, no one is safe.

12. Poor athletic facilities.

It is true we just got a new gym and that was very exciting for everyone here on campus. But we have one locker room for women's teams and one for the males. The turf is 12 years old and we have so many injuries because it is so worn out. With two fields shared between the women's soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, men's soccer, and lacrosse. Also if it rains the baseball and softball team try to use it as well because their fields are flooded. Track and field has no indoor or outdoor track so we run outside year around, no matter the weather.

So there are reasons why we shouldn't do something, I usually try to remain optimistic. But the reality is there are negatives in life, it just so happens this University seems to have a few big ones.

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