We college students have made it through another semester and it's colder than Frosty's toes outside. Which can only mean one thing... IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK! College students everywhere have been buried in homework, group projects, essay writing, studying and exam taking for nearly five months.

We've eaten more Ramen than we care to admit. We've learned how little sleep one can run on. Our roommates have overstepped every boundary possible. We're all very broke. And we've never missed home more. Which is why an entire month away from stress the craze of college life is not only appreciated but also very very LOVED!

Here are the top 10 reasons Christmas break is the best month of the whole year for a college kid


No exams to study for. No essays to write. No deadlines to meet. No professor to answer to. No class to attend. There's nothing like no stress to make you feel alive for the first time in months.


No buzzing alarm clocks. No interruptions. No 8ams. No all-nighters. Don't wake me until mid-January, please and thank you.


Same Tay. No Ramen or cafeteria mush for a whole month. What-ever will my digestion system do and think?


You've missed those little furballs so you will talk to them in the baby voice and tell them you love them around 345.6x a day.


They're crazy just maybe not Adam's Family crazy. Maybe I'm underestimating them. But you love those crazies who gave you life and who are likely paying a chunk of your tuition. So love them hard. As for little/older siblings. We all know they're mostly completely pesky and it won't take you long to remember that. Just try to put up with them...


AH, AMEN AND AMEN. After all, we've got to catch up from major sleep deprivation.


You know they've over-stepped every possible boundary this semester and you probably left campus feeling a lot like Kevin McAllister. That is unless your roommate came home w/you because she's been stealing everything you own since the womb, ah hem, DNA. #twinlife


Watch an entire series or two on Netflix. Watch paint dry. Or just sit down. It doesn't matter because it's FREE TIME! And you actually have free time, it's not just procrastination. You don't have to feel bad about letting 13.5 episodes play on Netflix instead of studying because there's nothing to study for!!!


REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! You and all your pals who scattered around the country/world for college have returned home and it's like you were never apart.


Seeing your family. Eating your mom's casseroles. Sleeping in your own bed. Holiday traditions. There really is no place that compares.

College is great and all but coming home to those you love, to the town you grew up in, without having a worry in the world, truly is the best gift you'll receive this Christmas break!