10 Reasons Why Living With Your Best Friend Is Amazing

There is so much to say about college in terms of who you end up living with. Random roommate is obviously a huge risk, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't it's as simple as that. But, when you get the opportunity to live with someone you love everything changes.

Some people say to be careful when choosing to live with your best friend but I'm here to reassure you that being able to live with your best friend is the greatest thing to ever happen.

Living in a room with someone you love means you are most likely always laughing at something. You always having someone to talk to and most importantly someone will always be there for you no matter what.

Let me tell you there is no better feeling than coming home after a tough day of classes and seeing your best friends face.

It's basically a slumber party all the time, when you're getting ready to go out together its always lit and those moments when you're laying in bed about to fall asleep and you both get the giggles, that is what we live for. So heres to living with your best friend!

1. It's never awkward

You can basically say or do whatever you want and no matter what you'll always be accepted for being a total freak.

2. Always someone to get food with

when you're hungry you're best friend is usually hungry it basically takes one look for each other to say "lets go get food."

3. Always someone to netflix with

for those days when you just can't even deal with school anymore, the best way to neglect responsibility is by spending hours binge watching netflix with your bestie.

4. Someone to always make you laugh

literally everything is funny at some point. either someone just quoted Spongebob or some other pointless remark you both deffinately spend all hours of the day and night laughing at something.

5. Someone to always lift you up when you're feeling down

this is key. especially when it comes to being homesick. always having your best friend around means always having someone there for you when all you want to do is cry.

6. You are never bored

literally being bored is not a thing when I'm with my best friend. the simplest things entertain us. one day we literally stared out our window for 25 minutes just watching people walk by.

7. Never a fight to be had

so far so good. were basically the same person so there hasnt been anything to argue about we just get each other.

8. Your sleep schedule is probably the same

this is the greatest thing ever. we usually always go to sleep at the same time. and when my roommate wakes up early for an 8am its like she's not even there, she's that nice.

9. You always have someone to talk shit with/gossip with/talk about boys with

whenever you need to vent, you can vent because your best friend is there to listen and give you advice. what more could you ask for.

10. When you really don't want to go to class they push you out the door

those days when you really just aren't feeling it and your best friend says "just go you can do it." that little push out the door does me good.

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