10 Reasons Why Bones Needs a Spinoff

10 Reasons Why Bones Needs a Spinoff


If anyone has seen Fox's, Bones featuring Emily Deschanel (Sister to Zooey) and David Boreanaz (Buffy and Angel alum), they know how this show brings people together and grabs at our heart strings. From every serial killer, to every tender kiss and solved case, Bones certainly brought a lot to the table. I was saddened when they had their twelfth and final season. They ran way longer than most programs on TV, rivaled only by Law and Order and Grey's Anatomy. There was a lot left unsaid and unsolved and so much further they could go. This is why I'm giving to you my reasons for a spinoff series.

1. Intricate Plot Lines that Leave You Guessing

Bones is notorious for its serial killers. Especially the ones who target those on the team at the Jeffersonian. With some it is easy to anticipate their next move, but killers like Christopher Pelant were not as predictable.

2. The Emotional Depth of the Show

Bones deals with some seriously deep issues. Dealing with a new disability, postpartum depression, and addictions. That's only to name a few. Bones does not shy away from the tough stuff.

3. A Plus Character Development

Bones shows people with varying levels of need and dependence and shows how they seek to improve their scenario through development of emotions, mental health and physical state. This is shown best by Dr. Sweets' analysis of Brennan and Booth and how they grow away from that initial perspective.

4. They Made Similar Cases Seem Independent of Each Other

Even though Bones has it's fair share of serial killers, the producers of the show are able to differentiate between motives, patterns, and victims. While some cases may be similar such as injection as murder method, the difference would be in the injection sites.

5. Highlights PTSD

On Bones, one of the main characters Booth was an ex-army Special Forces Sniper, and the show covers how that experience shapes him. It makes him question things about himself, like if he can be a good father and husband, and if he is a bad person because he killed people in the line of duty. It also makes handling a gun hard for him as an FBI agent.

6. Highlights Body Image and Motherhood

After her pregnancy Bones begins to feel the weight of inadequacy that comes with the body changing after labor. She begins to feel that Booth no longer values her, as her body has changed, when he didn't care about that at all.

7. Just... Dr. Sweets (Rest in Peace)

Portrayed by John Francis Daley (Far Right), Dr. Sweets was a Forensic Psychologist on the team at the FBI with Booth. He helped to interrogate the suspects and see if they were innocent or not based on non-verbal language and evaluating their thought processes and predicted patterns of behavior. He helped the team value psychology as a science, and see themselves on a deeper level that transcended their own understanding of the world and life. Sadly he was lost to the team in season 10 of the show, but his child with Daisy Wick lives on and could carry on his legacy.

8. The Characters are Relatable

The characters on Bones are not super hard to reach. You can relate to their struggles, pain, and how they develop. This is due to the deep subjects they cover and the character development. There are rich people, there are middle class people, and even those with unconventional living styles.

9. Situations take Time to Resolve

On the show situations take time to resolve themselves. Whether it be relationships or a case. Some cases have spanned multiple seasons til the case came to a close. Some relationships took a whole season to heal.

10. You Sympathize with the Killers (Sometimes)

In some cases, you can sympathize with the killers on the show. Someone just trying to protect someone else, accidental killings, suicides, and people being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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