10 Reasons Why BFF's From Home Are Irreplaceable

Being away from home and having new friends has its perks. However, nothing compares to your closest friends from home. Here's why they're irreplaceable.

1. They know you better than everyone else.

Yeah, you’ll make new friends along the way that you can trust. But your long-time friends from home know things that your new friends may never understand.

2. They are like a second family to you.

They come over unannounced, treat your family as if they were their own, and always help out. Can anyone really get much closer than that?

3. When things get messy, they are the ones you talk to first.

True, sometimes your family is who you really want to talk to. However, your closest friends are the ones who truly know everything about you.

4. They are never judgmental of what you do.

Whatever it is that they do, they will never hate on you. Yes, they may tease you for the rest of your life, and they will never let you forget your downfalls. But, despite all of that, they will never truly be rude to you or intentionally hurt you.

5. If you are stressed out where you are, talking to them always makes you feel a lot better.

It's not easy to not see the most important people in your life every day, and when you are away from home, life can get really out of hand. Not only is talking to your home friends very comforting, but it is also a healthy way to express your emotions.

6. If you’re ever out of line, they’ll help you rather than reprimand you.

Everyone messes up sometimes, and there are no exceptions. However, there are different ways to handle how to take care of it. The people who truly care for you will try to help you during these times rather than focusing on how you messed up.

7. They are very understanding of pretty much anything.

No matter what stupid things you do, they will always hear you out before telling you that you messed up. They are never condescending and always try to understand why you do what you do.

8. They will do anything for you.

ANYTHING. The fact that they put you before themselves says a lot about them. They are such a blessing to have and you'll never be able to express that in a way that does your friendship justice.

9. They are always there to reassure you when things go wrong.

Even when things go bad, They are the first to tell you that everything will be alright.

10. They love you unconditionally.

Forever and Always.

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