10 Reasons To Be Excited About Your First Apartment

10 Reasons To Be Excited About Your First Apartment

You're out on your own and building your own little home

So you're getting your first apartment huh? That's pretty adult-y of you, nice job! I'm sure you struggled hunting for apartments on every online site you could think of, searched for the best price and best value over and over again and finally, finally officially signed the lease and got the deposit in. That's some real world stuff, right there. You should be proud of yourself. Now that you've done all the hard work, its time for the fun part.

1. Decorating

Decorating a dorm was fun, but this takes it to whole other level. Now you have a living room, kitchen and bathroom. Of course, you might have to share these spaces with your roommates, but together you can get some crafty decorating going on.

2. Holidays will feel more like home.

You can put up a Christmas tree, carve jack-o-lanterns and host a party for New Year's Eve. The whole apartment will smell like pumpkin-spice and you can get excited when you put your roommates gifts under the tree to surprise them. Everything will feel a little more like home.

3. A place of your own.

Your first apartment is basically your first "house," just on a smaller level. That's OK, it's still a place a place of your own even if you have roommates. It's finally yours and although you don't officially own it, it's a real step up from the dorms.

4. You get a view.

A room with a view. You get to wake up and look outside and realize that you don't live on campus anymore. Or maybe it isn't that great of a view, but it's a view nonetheless.

5. You'll actually want people to come over

In the dorms, there was usually limited space for a bunch of your friends to hang and it was easy to feel cramped. Besides, our dorms aren't always the cleanest they could be, so it's a little embarrassing when your friends are forced to sit next to the trash you have taken too long to take out or the laundry you've procrastinated on washing. With you first apartment, you'll actually want people to come over.

6. Amenities.

This is how they got you sign the lease -- there's a pool and hot tub right downstairs. Plus, a gym on the first floor so you have no excuse to not workout. You have plenty of amenities to keep you busy and having fun.

7. Pets.

You pray and pray and pray for your roommate to have a pet dog -- that way you aren't responsible for it, but you still get free cuddles and hugs. Living with a dog (or cat) is the best.

8. New neighbors.

Maybe you had a great dorm hall, maybe not. But this is your chance again to meet some new people and make friends with your neighbors. You can pop in and say hi or bake cookies to get them to like you. New hall mates mean potential new friends.

9. Great for having people over.

When you're in the dorms there is only so much room, especially if you want friends over sometimes. Not too many people have futons or couches, so you are stuck on the floor, but now you have space! You can invite people over for big games, movie nights or get together for taco nights. The possibilities are endless and so are the memories that come along with it.

10. It's a first in your lifetime and a little piece of you will always be with it

You'll always remember your first apartment as your own first place. It will have a special place in your heart and so many memories to go along with it. Your first apartment is definitely something to look forward to and be excited about.

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I'm The Girl Without A 'Friend Group'

And here's why I'm OK with it


Little things remind me all the time.

For example, I'll be sitting in the lounge with the people on my floor, just talking about how everyone's days went. Someone will turn to someone else and ask something along the lines of, "When are we going to so-and-so's place tonight?" Sometimes it'll even be, "Are you ready to go to so-and-so's place now? Okay, we'll see you later, Taylor!"

It's little things like that, little things that remind me I don't have a "friend group." And it's been like that forever. I don't have the same people to keep me company 24 hours of the day, the same people to do absolutely everything with, and the same people to cling to like glue. I don't have a whole cast of characters to entertain me and care for me and support me. Sometimes, especially when it feels obvious to me, not having a "friend group" makes me feel like a waste of space. If I don't have more friends than I can count, what's the point in trying to make friends at all?

I can tell you that there is a point. As a matter of fact, just because I don't have a close-knit clique doesn't mean I don't have any friends. The friends I have come from all different walks of life, some are from my town back home and some are from across the country. I've known some of my friends for years, and others I've only known for a few months. It doesn't really matter where they come from, though. What matters is that the friends I have all entertain me, care for me, and support me. Just because I'm not in that "friend group" with all of them together doesn't mean that we can't be friends to each other.

Still, I hate avoiding sticking myself in a box, and I'm not afraid to seek out friendships. I've noticed that a lot of the people I see who consider themselves to be in a "friend group" don't really venture outside the pack very often. I've never had a pack to venture outside of, so I don't mind reaching out to new people whenever.

I'm not going to lie, when I hear people talking about all the fun they're going to have with their "friend group" over the weekend, part of me wishes I could be included in something like that. I do sometimes want to have the personality type that allows me to mesh perfectly into a clique. I couldn't tell you what it is about me, but there is some part of me that just happens to function better one-on-one with people.

I hated it all my life up until very recently, and that's because I've finally learned that not having a "friend group" is never going to be the same as not having friends.

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The Struggle of Taking Classes During the Summer

It can put a bit of a damper on summer fun


To everyone reading: I hope you're having a nice, relaxing summer. Even if you're working I hope you can get a few days off to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and have some nice downtime. Not me. I am currently in the process of completing two four-week long summer classes. I'm taking them now to get ahead for next semester and to keep my overall schedule on track. It certainly isn't fun, but the reminder that it is only four weeks is what really keeps me going. If you are in the same boat as me, you'll relate to this list like no one else can; if you're not taking summer classes, don't let this list scare you, but use it to mentally prepare yourself for any you may have in the future.

1. Studying and homework

The homework isn't too bad with some summer classes just because you don't have time for a lot of intense projects. Still, since the class is so short you have to do some kind of homework pretty much every day. Make a schedule and spread it out so you don't get too behind.

2. Actually going to class

I am in two classes. One meets in person every day from 10 am to 11:45 am. The other is online. Let me be the first to say that getting up for class during the normal semesters is hard enough, but knowing my little brother gets to sleep in while I have to wake up early and go class is a real motivation suppressant.

I will say, though, it's kind of nice being on campus when it's basically empty.

3. No going out...

You'll probably be a little down because you might not be able to really go out at all during the time you're in class. For me, I go to lecture every morning, come home and do homework for that class, then do homework for my online class. I have some free time on the weekends, but I try to use those lecture-free days to study or work on papers.

4. But being super busy

Even though you might not be able to go out like a summer off, you'll be keeping yourself busy with all that super fun homework I mentioned.

5. Stress

Yes, summer classes can be a little stressful and it's pretty much all thanks to how fast-paced they are. Just do what I do: make a homework and project schedule as soon as you can and remind yourself how short it is.

Summer classes are not the worst thing in the world, and if you choose to take one at some point it won't be absolutely horrible. The nice thing about them is it's like ripping off a Band-Aid; it may be a little painful and annoying, but it's over so fast you don't suffer. Pick your class and professor wisely and get down to business; taking the class means you're one step closer to graduation!

So, to anyone else taking a summer class: good luck and you got this!

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