10 Reasons To Start Appreciating Winter

I have noticed over the years that winter does not seem to have the best reputation. Every time snow so much as appears in the forecast, groans and complaints can be heard for miles. Little kids, on the other hand, have the right idea about snow. Any mention of frozen precipitation and they scream to the heavens for school cancellations. Winter is pretty awesome, though. It deserves a little positive press.

1. Winter clothes are the best.

From trendy jackets to knee high boots, bundling up never looked so good! Finish the outfit off with some fleece-lined leggings, boot socks, and a cozy infinity scarf. Plus, layering up is the best! You get to sport all your best pieces of clothes all in one outfit!

2. 'Tis the season for all the best hot beverages.

Don't get me wrong, you can enjoy a nice hot coffee or tea year round, but when winter rolls around, your options for warm drinks grows drastically. Suddenly, you can indulge in any assortment of flavored hot chocolates, festive lattes, hot ciders, or delicious hot teas.

3. Winter can turn any city into a wonderland.

Christmas decorations and lights fill most American towns throughout the month of December. So, thanks to the Christmas season and winter, every town can look and feel magical.

4. Sleeping in a cold room is a lot better than sleeping in a hot one.

When you're cold, you can just burrow deeper in your blankets. When it's hot, you kick off your covers and struggle to get comfortable. Ew, who wants that?

5. Snow is majestic.

What is more amazing than peeking out your window to find a blanket of pristine, white snow covering the lawn? Not to mention the allure of a good snow day.

6. Ice is a work of art.

Although it can be tricky and dangerous, ice is pretty beautiful too. Delicate icicles hang from roofs can turn any house into a picturesque spectacle. Come on, ice sculptures wouldn't be a thing if ice wasn't so magical.

7. Fuzzy socks and cozy pajamas are the best.

Don't even try to argue this one. Flannel pajama pants are heaven.

8. Winter=Holiday Breaks!

With winter comes much needed time off from school and work. Nobody complains about sleeping in and wearing pajamas all day!

9. Winter is the best time to enjoy comfort foods.

Bring on the macaroni and cheese, baked pastas, chili, tomato soup, and much more! What's better than indulging in a warm, scrumptious meal on a cold, quiet day?

10. It brings people together.

No, really. It literally brings people together. Cuddle up with a loved one or a loyal pet to stay warm this winter.

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