When we are young, we look forward to the day when we turn 16; it is a huge milestone in our lives. Once the age comes, we all learn it might not be as great as we thought it would be.

1. You only have your permit.

It’s the year where you can only drive with your parents and you are just anxiously waiting to get your license. The greatest, right?

2. You have to get your life together.

You have to start thinking about your future and college. Your GPA and SAT/ACT scores will take over your life. It’s time to hit those books!

3. It’s a weird age.

You’re too young for most things, but you’re not old enough for most as well. You can’t get drinks from the bar, but you can’t order from the kid’s menu either.

4. Cliques are well-established and in action.

Mean girls exist and everyone just sticks to their friend group. No one is mature enough to branch out yet, but just wait a few years.

5. Seniors will start asking you or your friends to prom.

Prom is probably the most stressful experience you will go through at this age. All I can say is…good luck! Remember it’s just one night not your whole world!

6. You need money to go out with friends, so a job is necessary.

Working is time-consuming and annoying, but if you want money, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

7. Everything feels like it’s the end of the world at this age.

Hormones are crazy for girls; one second you will be laughing with friends and the next you’ll want to go home and cry. That sounds harsh, but it’s the truth; just try to remember the big picture and don’t get caught up in drama.

8. You can’t go to camp anymore.

You are simply too old to be a camper, but you are too young to be a paid counselor. Looks like you'll have to be a volunteer counselor if you want to keep going!

9. Girls are very mean and possessive.

Girls are crazy about boys and "fall in love" within seconds of meeting "the one." Girls fight over them, cry over them and constantly talk about them.

10. So... Many... Parties...

It feels like "Sweet 16's" just keep coming throughout the year. Be ready to stress about what outfit you’re wearing or whom you’re getting ready with.