10 Snacks To Pack When You're On The Go

As college students, we spend our days running from class to class and then spending our afternoon and evenings working leaving us with little time to spare. Sometimes we get so busy we either forget or even just run out of time to eat. Here are 10 easy snacks to pack in your bag for any time the hunger strikes.

1. Rice Krispie Treat

As a lover of desserts, these provide a quick fix to any sweet tooth.

2. Cuties

Small and easy-to-peel cuties can be eaten anywhere.

3. Coco Loco

Another quick fix for a sweet tooth.

4. Pb&J

A classic that can be transported without worry of becoming warm and has endless variations.

5. Fruit Snacks

Who doesn't love your favorite cartoon characters in small flavored pieces?

6. Kind Bars

Kind Bars are full of antioxidants and offer many flavors pleasing every palate

7. Trail Mix

Another snack with endless possibilities, either make your own or purchase a pre-made bag.

8. Pretzels

Easy bite-sized goodness, who doesn't love them?

9. Go-Go Squeeze

Some may argue that this is toddler food, but applesauce is for everyone no matter how you eat it.

10. Goldfish Crackers

The holy grail of any snack food, Goldfish crackers can be eaten as a meal on their own.

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