1. So you're from Cape Cod. Where do you live in the winter?

Didn't I just tell you?!?

2. Is Plymouth considered Cape Cod?

NO. Neither is Marshfield, Marion, or Wareham. I even have trouble considering Bourne to be a part of the Cape sometimes.

3. Where is the high school?

We actually have eight public high schools, and many private, charter and technical high schools as well. Shocker, huh?

4. What do you guys do in the winter?

Drive around, hang out with friends, go to bars...pretty much the same as you guys. Oh, and we do have the occasional beach bonfire.

5. Do you know [insert name here]? He summers in Chatham.

No. We prefer not to speak of the "summer kids."

6. Have you ever been on a whale watch?

No, and I rarely go mini golfing either. We leave those activities to you guys.

7. Do you ever get to go to Boston?

Yes! For me, it's only an hour and a half away. But we do venture over the bridge, believe it or not.

8. Do you guys have a mall?

Yes. It's the worst.

9. Is everyone obsessed with seafood?

I definitely am, but I know many people who aren't. I don't understand them either.

10. Have you been to [insert name of non-Cape New England beach here]?

No. We have dozens of better beaches here.

11. Is it hard to live down there?

It does suck on occasion-- like when three million tourists invade every summer-- but I honestly would have never wanted to grow up anywhere else. No matter where I'll end up living, I'll always be a Cape Codder at heart.