The first week of school is a whirlwind. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you’re struck with the reality of settling back into a real routine, and while syllabus week is usually deemed “easy,” with little homework and effort involved, your professors certainly keep you on your toes.

These are eleven professors you likely encountered in your first week of classes.

1. The over-eager professor who wants to get everyone on the very first day

“What’s your name?”

“Where are you from?”

“What are you planning on majoring in?”

“Make sure you face the class. They want to get to know you, too!”

“Let’s add a fun question, as well. What’s your favorite movie?”

How about you hand out the syllabus and let me leave? Thanks.

2. The cool professor who cusses all the time

He said “f*ck” twenty times in an hour and he has a flawless Irish accent? This class might be better than I anticipated, even if the accent is a bit heavy at times

3. The Syllabus Reader

Everyone has that one professor who reads the syllabus word for word, page for page.

We are in college. I think we know how to read.

4. The professor who begins with a lecture

If you thought you would be let out of class 45 minutes early, you thought wrong. Hope you brought your laptop, because we are diving straight into The Age of The Enlightenment.

5. The language professor who doesn’t seem to understand that you forgot everything over the summer

Yes, I did take four years of Spanish in high school.

Yes, I did test out of the two basic level courses.

No, no hablo español.

6. The professor who tries to scare you

"The reading assignments will all be over a hundred pages, I don’t use PowerPoints when I lecture, you will have two midterms that will each be 25% of your grade, the final will be all short answer and is 50% of your grade, and I practically never give A’s. Good luck!"

7. The professor who knows you don’t want to be there

It’s just a core class. I'm only taking it because I need it to graduate.

Nothing beats hearing, “I know you don’t necessarily care about this class, so it isn’t going to be hard. I understand that you have more important things to do that relate to your major.”

8. Your advisor

Cue the hug.

You genuinely missed them over the summer and fully intend to stay after class to catch up and see how they are doing.

9. The professor who mumbles

Just give me an F now. It’s a lecture class, but I’m going to fail because I can’t hear a single word he says.

10. The professor with the thick accent

Out of everything she just said, I managed to understand three words. Lord help me.

11. The professor who doesn't allow laptops in class

If the girl in front of me wants to watch "How I Met Your Mother" during class, let her. Just please don't make me hand write my notes.