Reminding yourself of your own beauty and worth can be incredibly helpful during a tough week or trying time.

Don't forget to give yourself these little pep talks when you need them.

1. I have everything that I need to do anything I desire.

My power is not limited by anyone or anything in my life because I am able to move mountains, do the unthinkable and conquer my demons.

2. I am without fear.

I am worthy of success and I am not afraid of the pathway that leads to where I most belong.

3. I am gifted with life for a reason.

I am unique in every sense and therefore, I am blessed with the opportunity to do what no one else has done before me.

4. I can communicate with others well.

I am sensitive and know how to respect and appreciate not only myself, but also those around me.

5. I can dream unhindered by negativity.

My mind is not prisoner to doubt or dismay. Instead, I am ready to find solutions, make new paths and adapt to whatever situations may come my way.

6. I grow by giving.

I recognize the power of love to heal, the necessity of compassion for peace and the tremendous importance of showing up for those who need me.

7. I am on my own journey.

My journey will have its own twists and turns, my journey should not be compared to any other. I am moving at my own rate with my best effort.

8. I will attract positive and ambitious people into my life.

I will do so by radiating a high frequency, being kind to others and not taking shortcuts.

9. I will value every moment I have on this earth with the people that I love.

I will remind myself of my value, my abilities and how quickly everything can change.

10. I acknowledge my whole self and give appreciation to every little detail that makes me who I am.

I embrace the parts of me that were neglected and invite them in for love.