As winter break comes near, I am coming to terms with the fact that, aside from the actual holidays, I do not have any plans or really plan on making plans. My friends have work, winter courses or they are traveling for the holidays.

Out of my three jobs, none will be in session till after the holidays. So instead I have come up with tasks that should keep both me and you busy for the three to four weeks.

I plan on:

1. Taking up a new hobby.

Knitting could be fun, right?

2. Recovering an old hobby.

Finally finishing my mom's quilt that I started five years ago. (I wonder if I should just knit her one instead)

3. Reading a good book or two.

However, Netflix has so many new shows and movies.

4. Wrapping the many presents I have stashed.

Or I could just put them all into gift bags.

5. Creating next semesters work out plan.

Or I could just eat all of my Christmas candy so I won't have to next semester.

6. Watching all of the Harry Potter movies.

I'll probably just nap through the movies.

7. Starting a new diet just in time for the new year.

But waiting till I move back to school sounds like a good idea.

8. Clearing out my hard-drive.

Or just looking for a great #TBT photo of me and my busy friends.

9. Snuggling my cute little puppy.

I'll actually do this every day.

10. Starting my application for the teacher education program.

I guess snuggling my puppy can wait...