10 Places Your Last $10 Went

10 Places Your Last $10 Went

I swear I didn't spend any money this week...

College seems to be a never ending cycle of spending the last $10 you thought you had. Every week starts the same: "I am saving money this week!" Then it starts...$5 here, $5 there. If you find yourself wondering where all of your money went at the end of the week, check this list...

1. New candle.

Your room has to be smelling it's best, right?

2. Chipotle bowl.

You were planning on only spending the regular $6.99. You were going to hold strong this time. But, all the employee had to say was, "would you like chips and guac with that?" Boom. You were sold.

3. Seasonal decorations.

Somehow spending $10 at the dollar section in Target doesn't make you feel bad.

4. New phone charger.

I am convinced that phone chargers know the worst time to break.

5. Bar cover.

You're down to the last $10 in cash you have for the weekend........but you gotta do what you gotta do.

6. Gas.

Does anyone else put $10 of gas in at a time?

7. Starbucks.

The new Peppermint Mocha is out, and you HAVE to get it. Why not get a chocolate chip croissant to go with it?

8. Study Guide.

$10 for a study guide seems absurd, but at this point you need a 130% on the final to pass, so you would give your left arm for this study guide.

9. Venmo.

Venmo sends you a notification. You totally forgot to pay back Danielle for that Bento box she brought you.

10. BLT Dip.

At the end of a rough week, what else can cheer you up like Madison Social's BLT Dip? The answer is nothing.

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I Suffer Through 10 Struggles Of Being A Student Worker So I Can Eat A Taco Bell Quesadilla

Can I just skip work? Or class? Or both?

Everyone is broke in college. That's why we have Top Ramen and jobs. Juggling classes, homework, and a work schedule is overwhelming at times, but hey, at least we get a check, and eventually, a degree out of it.

For all of the student workers out there, this one is for you.

1. The messed up sleeping schedule

Between pulling double shifts and all-nighters, it's like sleep does not even exist anywhere near your world. But when the golden hour arrives, it is gone almost as fast as it went by. Treasure those 8 hours of sleep, my friend.

2. Having homework due the same night you have the closing shift

Procrastination is the root of evil. Sure, that was a good nap and that movie you watched on Netflix is now on your Top 10 list. But now you KNOW that you are not getting any sleep tonight. You also know exactly who's fault that is.

3. Getting called in on the day you don't have class

4. When your friends plan something and you know you can't go

Missing out on Cards Against Humanity night or a friend's birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse is already dampening your mood at work. But really, seeing all of the Snapchat stories on your 15 minute break is probably the worst. Those cinnamon butter rolls sure look better than they ever have.

5. Trying to do homework during a shift just never works

By the time you finally get the chance to, at least, try to work on some of your assignments, the odds never seem to be in your favor. You (suddenly) get busy, your boss swings by to make sure you're doing your job, and by then you already forgot what class you even had homework for.

6. Mixing up/forgetting shifts

You stayed up all night studying for that math exam that would either make or break your grade. Once you've aced it, you make plans to go out and all is well, right? Then you get that "Hey, why aren't you at work?' text and realize you're an hour and a half late. But you thought you closed tomorrow...

7. Never knowing the right time to use the "I have to study" excuse to call out of work

Most managers and supervisors understand the responsibilities and obligations that a student worker has to their classes and assignments. They all say that if you ever need to work on your homework, it is acceptable to call out. But, there never really seems to be a right time to use this as an excuse to miss work. It's been almost two years and you still haven't used it, but there will come a time.

8. Forgetting everything you learned in class after you get back from work

For once, you feel like you actually understand some of the most challenging concepts in your stats class. Unfortunately, after going to work an hour after you are out of class, everything you thought you once knew is gone when you sit down to work on that homework.

9. Cherishing every free second you have

It's Saturday night, you didn't get scheduled, and you finally have time to unwind. You don't want to go anywhere except your bed and the fridge. Yet, you always mentally complain when you can't go out with your friends during your normally scheduled weekend shifts. It's okay, there's always next time. Maybe.

10. Spending money too fast

You almost never want to cover anyone's shift. That's just another day you could have had to yourself! Although, deep down, you know you need those extra hours because half of your checks go straight to those late night Postmates orders. I mean, maybe if you didn't spend twenty bucks on each order, it wouldn't be so bad.

But it's well worth it, considering the fact that they come straight to your form and you don't have to gather your last scraps of energy to drive to Taco Bell after your shift. Curse you, quesadilla cravings.

Cover Image Credit: Lana Lerma

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Junior Year Is Almost Over And Excuse Me, But I’m Not Ready To Be A Senior Yet

Senior year… Say what???

Looking at the calendar in my planner, I am mind blown that it’s almost the end of April and there is only 1 week left of my junior year before finals begin and I will officially be a senior. WHAT?!? Did you say…SENIOR?!? Oh god, my stomach just dropped. I’m not ready. Where the heck did this year go? How am I 1 week from being a senior? Wasn’t it just last month that I was relaxing by the CopperBeech pool during Frog Week without a care in the world?

Fast forward 8 months and I am in the core group of classes for both of my majors, stressing about my 6th round of final exams, trying to sort out my summer plans with internships, and preparing to have major separation anxiety from my friends for a third summer. Everything is coming to an end and I am in a state of nostalgia. This year was full of amazing memories that have made my college experience even more enjoyable. Yet at the same time, I am relieved and prepared for the most stressful semester of my college career to come to an end.

I stepped foot onto this amazing campus 3 years ago as a scared freshman 10 hours away from home. THREE WHOLE YEARS AGO. WOW. I MUST’VE BLINKED AND TIME SPRINTED AHEAD. Could I pass as a freshman again? I look pretty young. Most people take the cliché for granted but it really is true.

College is the quickest four years of your life.

I couldn’t have made a better decision to go out of my comfort zone and put myself in a completely different environment.

I have always been independent but attending a school so far away, knowing I would only be able to come home during school vacations, made me realize I had a lot to prepare for. Not for a second, though, did I think twice about choosing the right school.

I am beyond proud to call this place my second home.

I have grown so much since that first day when I pulled up to my new home in my mom’s minivan, unable to see out the window with all of my belongings obstructing my view.

Seeing all of the seniors on the quad this week, taking their graduation photos is both exciting yet TERRIFYING. I keep thinking about what I’ll wear when it’s time for me to graduate and how I’ll decorate my grad cap. I am also sad because I’m not ready to be a senior yet and have to prepare for leaving this place! I can’t get it through my head that in one week, when people ask me what year I am, I’ll have to answer “a senior.”

The words will taste awful in my mouth, as I will have to force myself to say them. Just a few weeks ago, I registered for my last fall semester of classes and despite all the stress of deciding your schedule, I know I’m going to miss it a year from now.

In the last three years, I have made friends that will one day be my bridesmaids, experiences that I will never forget, and one more year that I will cherish with everything I have.

Wish me luck!

Cover Image Credit: Lindsey McEvoy

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