11 Pieces of Advice To My Younger Self

11 Pieces of Advice To My Younger Self

Little Bex, you are in for the whirlwind that is life.

If I could go back in time I wouldn’t redo anything that has already happened in my life because that has shaped me into the woman that I am today.

Every moment that happened had a purpose and every moment that is yet to happen will have a purpose. You have to go through the rough to become a diamond and that certainly does not take place overnight.

Also, helloooo to the butterfly effect! The butterfly effect is when you change one thing that results in complete and utter chaos. That would totally freak me out that I could potentially ruin everything with one wrong step. However, if I could go back I would definitely give little Bex some advice so without further ado here they are.

1. Learn to laugh it off and move on.

A lesson I took forever to learn was to stop getting so embarrassed by the smallest things — I used to blush at the drop of a hat. If I tripped or my chair made a weird sound causing someone to comment I thought the world was going to end. Eventually, I would come to learn it takes a lot to end the world and a chair making a toot sound wouldn’t be the reason why.

2. Dumb ones don’t know, smart ones don’t care.

This is a wise phrase my best friend’s mom, who is like my other mother basically, would tell me this all the time when I let the little things get to me. If you’re constantly concerned with what others are thinking of your every move you will not live life to the fullest. If you mess up or fail it’s okay because dumb people won’t know and smart people won’t care.

3. Everyone has their moments in the sun and you will have yours too.

Being painfully shy I never thought this day would come but slowly I have started to see the rays of sunlight pushing their way through the cracks of life. While I am enjoying these little bursts of light, I can’t wait to bask in the full glow.

4. Mistakes and regrets are two different things. Make mistakes but don’t have regrets.

Mistakes and regrets can be easily misconstrued. Personally, I like to think a mistake is something I can go back and fix it not back to the original state but enough that I can live with it. A regret to me has more of a haunting presence, a regret is something you sometimes can’t let go of. I made specific decisions that led to mistakes but overall I can say I have had few regrets and hella mistakes.

5. Trying to make everyone else happy will not make you happy.

One of my biggest flaws by far and I’m sure many people can relate. The attempt at making everyone happy is one of the most exhausting because it simply cannot be done. I spent many a night stressing about this issue and finally have laid it to rest. Imagine happiness is like a bloated water balloon and you’re a juggler. One wrong move and someone’s going to burst, that kind of pressure will destroy you. I’m not saying ignore everyone else’s needs and become a selfish brat but certainly, don’t lose sleep over making every person in the room happy.

6. If you’re comfortable with life then it’s time for a change.

I had a guest speaker in an Entrepreneurship class tell us that you won’t accomplish much if you remain comfortable in life. Being comfortable is for your retirement days when you have already changed the world, fallen in love, found your independence, and chased your dreams. Get out there and be uncomfortable.

7. You will come across what you’re passionate about don’t deny it just pursue it.

If you find a passion for something just go for it. I love sociology and took it my freshman year of college then left it alone. I finally declared it as my minor my junior year and couldn’t be happier with this decision. When you find your passion don’t deny yourself the ability to chase just do it.

8. People will hurt you and even then be grateful for the lessons you’ll learn from it.

Ah, there is no pain like that of a heartbreak. No matter what relationship you get hurt in (friendships, family, or boys) you can definitely recover from it. And once your healing process starts you can choose to be grateful for the good times as well as the new things you learn about yourself.

9. No one’s opinion defines who you are and don’t change because someone doesn’t like you.

You won’t always win over everyone. If someone doesn’t like you that’s one thing if someone claims they like you but wants you to change is another. Don’t lose yourself for the sake of keeping someone else around.

10. The Glow Up is real.

If you didn't go through an ugly stage, are you even human? And if you did you have only become stronger for it.

11. Twenty-one is definitely twenty-fun.

Little Bex, you didn’t know it then but you do know it now that being twenty-one is a fun stage of life. It’s definitely not the peak but it sure beats a lot of things you’ll experience. Who doesn’t want to embrace their inner Carrie Bradshaw and have a cosmo with the gals on a rooftop bar, amiright?

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7 Moments All Undecided Majors Can Relate To

Am I right ladies and gentlemen?

It’s been almost a full year of being an undecided major – aka the stressing out about finding one even though everything seems to be doing great or not so great and you don’t know what you are doing with your life ah major.

But I have found that there are some things all Undecided Majors can relate to…

1. The stress that comes with, “So, what’s your major?”

And the awkward answer that follows after it of “ummm, I am actually undecided still.”

2. The even more anxious question of, “Oh okay, so what are you interested in?”

And then you list off the ten to twenty-five different majors you have picked out in your mind that you’ve been looking over for the past couple of weeks.

3. Putting in all of the what-if scenarios of what your major could possibly be…

And freaking out because there are TOO MANY OPTIONS.

4. Telling your friends and family a different major everyday just to see how it feels.

“Major? Oh, psychology.” “Wait no, cinema and production.” “Hold on, just kidding. I am going to be business administration.”

5. Spending one night making lists of the possible majors and minors you might be interested in taking.

And then looking back at in the morning wondering why you were suddenly interested in THAT major?

6. Introducing yourself as the only Undecided major in the class.

Well this is embarrassing.

7. But then that sweet moment of finding another person who is also Undecided and bonding over it.

Yay! Friendship! Let’s stress out together!

Cover Image Credit: Kathryn McSherry

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